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Why Appy Pie’s Design Studio is a software to watch out for!

Graphic design is one of the fastest-growing requirements on the Internet. With the sheer number of webpages present, strong graphic design software can prove to be an invaluable tool. However, graphic design isn’t quite evolving at the same pace as the rest of the internet world.

Despite the rapid increase in the quality of webpages, the abundance of infographics and the need for images on every webpage, most of the graphic designing software available today are clunky, resource-intensive, and simply not good enough.

It requires a skilled designer to use the majority of the popular design software and most of them prefer using proprietary offline software. This software are often unaffordable for small businesses and the free versions have major limitations in terms of functionality and features.

In the competitive world of the Internet, getting traction comes down finally to the look and feel of a website. No matter how good your product/service is, remember that the world still makes the first judgment on the basis of what they see.

Another problem with popular graphic design software is the lack of a user-friendly dashboard. Most graphic design software can prove to be usability nightmares with intimidating arrays of functions that feel clumsy and unappealing to look at and tough to navigate through.

They’re usually a drab grey color. It takes a certain amount of dedication to even learn graphic design thanks to unappealing dashboard design and hard to find tools. Photoshop began this trend and pretty much everyone picked it up, ironically without even trying to make it visually appealing. Isn’t that what graphic design is essentially about? Apparently, grey is ‘professional’.

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I mean, I agree when it comes to business suits but not when it comes to creativity. Creativity requires an artistic impetus that can take you from the mundane to the unique effortlessly. Even Adobe understands that and hence has introduced a slightly different, white palette for its newer tools. Thankfully, there is a solution to all of this on the way. 

What is Appy Pie’s Design Studio?

Appy Pie, who are known for their market-leading App Builder is about to launch their very own graphic design software. You need to keep an eye out for this software because it has all the potential and promise to disrupt and conquer the niche it is targeting. Appy Pie’s Design Studio is set to be an online graphic design software that offers convenience, ease, elegance, and pocket-friendly options. However, the one defining USP is its user-friendly interface.

Appy Pie and its product lineup make easy work of complicated tasks. It has been their goal ever since they launched the first version of their App Builder. Who would have predicted that apps can be made within minutes and that too without coding?

I mean, the app builder has evolved to the point that it can create an app from Google Sheets. Honestly speaking, Appy Pie’s other products like their Website Builder, Live Chat, ChatBot Builder, Appy Pie Connect follow a similar philosophy.

They are excellent products with an easy interface and offer no-code solutions for all the business needs for everyone irrespective of their technical prowess.

The new graphic design software is all set to follow this convention. The software is a cloud-based graphic design studio with an extremely user-friendly interface. The design studio can be used to create 2d graphics for cards, presentations, websites, blogs, brochures and much more.

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It also comes with the capability to create vector graphics. It is a simplified graphic design tool meant for the beginner level design enthusiasts to try their hand on and the professionals to test their skills on.

In the near future, the 3D capability is also on the cards for Appy Pie Design Studio with more tools to be introduced placing it right on the sweet spot between simple and advanced graphic design software. The dashboard is inspired by their app builder and would offer the users with the ability to customize as they wish it to be.

Easy to Use

The drag and drop layout would be carried over with an emphasis on pre-made graphical elements. It is unknown at this time if user-made elements can be posted to the software or not.

Appy Pie Design Studio will be limited to simple image manipulation and will not target video graphics. It’s always better to limit the software to one aspect. The software is currently under testing and would be launched soon. 

Appy Pie Design Studio will be compatible with their website builder to help create excellent website designs. It will also come with an excellent Color Wheel tool. The Color Wheel Tool is extremely interactive and will let you switch between RYB and RGB color patterns, which is a unique ability in itself.

Overall, on paper Appy Pie Design Studio sounds like a winner. It is a matter of time before the software is rolled out to the masses. It does have good competition from software like Canva but has far more evolved functionality and usability. Also, it is likely to supersede the competitors in terms of features, feel and pricing.

“Graphic Design is often unaffordable for a small business. It has always required complicated & muddled interfaces that are difficult to understand. Designing shouldn’t be as difficult as it is right now, considering the widespread application of the same.

Appy Pie’s Design Studio is our solution to this problem. The software is designed to be equally usable by both, amateurs and professionals. We plan to launch it soon with a special launch bonus for early customers of the software.” a representative of the brand said.

System Requirements

Since Appy Pie Design Studio is going to be an ONLINE graphic design software, system requirements don’t really matter. A normal updated browser will be enough to take up the load. However, a good RAM always helps. Storage will be taken up by the files you export. Thank God for the Cloud!


Appy Pie Design Studio will have both, free and paid versions. The paid versions are expected to cost as much as the app builder although its too early to say.


This news of Appy Pie’s Design Studio comes a few days after the launch of their chatbot builder. The Chatbot Builder is also quite a nifty tool. I would recommend giving it a try if you need a chatbot for your website and phone. Good Luck!

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