Why Do Students Need a Plagiarism Checker Software?

Students treasure their academic research paper and do not want to live a single room for error. It is the reason they want to protect their original content and stay away from plagiarism. Duplicate content can take away the value and weightage of their dissertation paper. 

Therefore, they need to use plagiarism detectors to avoid plagiarism. There are several free plagiarism checker tools available online that can give accurate results while detecting plagiarism in content. 

The online plagiarism checker tools can also identify the paraphrased content at work and help the students to write original content.

Detecting unintentional plagiarism

Many students use different sources to back up their original idea. They can take quotes or parts from other works to support their argument. However, if they don’t mention the source properly that can be counted as plagiarism, and the writing can also lose its value for being the duplicate content. 

It can be unintentional plagiarism. However, since plagiarism is a punishable offense, whether the writer does it intentionally or unintentionally, the writer can be punished for the deed. For this reason, the students should use the proper quote marks while adopting lines from another work. 

The Use of Quotation Marks Can Save A Student from Unintentional Plagiarism

If they are taking out portions from any online article, then they must mention the URL of the web page or the article they are using. They must mention the source with proper citation.

To check for plagiarism, the students can use online plagiarism checker tools. Theses free tools identify the part of the research paper that is the exact match with another content. 

Why Students Must Use Plagiarism Checker Software?

1. Plagiarism software to identify similarity and percentage match:

The student can quickly get an overview of their work after scanning their content using plagiarism software. Plagiarism tests can check for plagiarism by detecting the similarity between two contents, and they can provide the students with a percentage of similarity between two contents. 

The plagiarism tool can help the students to get accurate results about the percentage of similarity. It can help the students to keep the similarity percentage level low. 

The low similarity is somewhat accepted by many Universities, whereas a high percentage level can result in an inquiry. To avoid this unintentional plagiarism, the students must use plagiarism detector tools.

2. Identifying plagiarism in paraphrased content: 

Sometimes the students do not directly adopt portions from another content but adopt paraphrase some parts of the work. It is also a form of plagiarism if they do not pay proper credit to the source. 

Even if they change quite a few words from the original content of another writer or change the structure of the sentence without changing the overall meaning, then that is also considered plagiarism. 

This faulty paraphrasing may lead to unintentional plagiarism. If the students do not mention the source of the quote they are using, then that is also a form of plagiarism. Therefore, students who are using paraphrased content must use free online plagiarism detection tools. 

The tools highlight the exactly matching contents from the other writer’s work. The students who have cited the work and have not paraphrased it can solve this matter quickly.

3. Plagiarism checker is a better resource than any web browser:

Many students use search engines to find any duplicate content in their writing. Plagiarism detecting can be done smoothly using a free online plagiarism checker tool. The student may copy-paste their content in Google to look for the plagiarised contents in their writing. 

Checking paragraph by paragraph using search engines is difficult, and this process fails to deliver accurate results. To avoid unintentional plagiarism, the students can use online plagiarism checker tools. These free tools have more resources and a more extensive database than the search engines. 

There are many articles available in plagiarism detection tools for cross-reference that are not available in search engines.

The database of these free online plagiarism checker tools helps the students to check for plagiarism. These free tools scan the work thoroughly and identify similar portions accurately.

It is not possible to do with a simple copy and paste. These plagiarism detectors save time and, at the time, produce a better result.


The plagiarism detection tool protects the originality of the writing the student is aspiring to produce. Nowadays, with advance, online plagiarism checker tools detecting plagiarism has become more comfortable. Therefore, freelance writers, students, and bloggers need to check for plagiarism. 

Whether they are producing content for magazines, research papers, blogs, the writing must be original content. Original content does not only attract the readers, but it successfully carries the idea of the writer to the reader.

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