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Reasons why Many Testers Use Selenium for Automation Testing

Automation testing is a technique in software testing that uses special software to test and compare the output produced with the expected output. Automation testing is useful in helping the tester if testing is difficult manually. Currently, many automation testing tools are available in the market, but many testers use Selenium.

What is Selenium?

Selenium is an open-source automated testing tool. This tool is used for automation testing performed on web applications in various browsers and different platforms. Selenium is almost the same as HP Quick Test Pro; it’s just that Selenium is more focused on automation on web-based applications. Selenium has four main components, namely WebDriver, Selenium IDE, Selenium Grid, and Selenium Remote Control (RC)

Why use Selenium for automation testing?

Many testers use Selenium to help with the software testing process. Here are a few reasons.

1. Open-Source

Selenium is an Open-Source automation testing tool. You can download and use various features that are available for free. Also, because of its open-source nature, users get another advantage that is being able to share, expand, and modify the open code.

2. Support various programming languages and frameworks

Selenium can be integrated with multiple programming languages, frameworks, and different development platforms. For source code compilation, Selenium can be integrated with Ant or Maven. As for application testing and reporting, Selenium can be integrated with the TestNG framework. Selenium can also be integrated with various open-source tools to add other functionality.

3. Flexibility

Another advantage you can get when using Selenium is its ability for regrouping and refactoring test cases. This feature helps developers and testers to accelerate code changes, minimize complications, and reduce code duplication. This makes testing management much simpler and more efficient.

4. Support for all platforms

Selenium is an automation testing with a high level of portability that can run on various platforms and browsers. This allows the developer and software tester to write automation scripts easily without having to worry about the platform that are used.

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