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Why Unikernels Are The Next Generation Of Cloud Infrastructure?


We are now aware of cloud-based services. Instead of storing all of your photos on your mobile device or on your computer, you can use the cloud to store your data and media. Just like the cloud-based services for iPhone users and Android users, cloud infrastructure is the wave of the future when it comes to business productivity and efficiency.

Cloud technology has now become the focus and forefront of many industries. With various benefits, like better utilization of resources and flexibility, this new technology is the go-to method for different business needs.

Even with the new hype on cloud technology in recent years, there has not been enough focus on the resources, time, effort, and workloads placed into the making and preserving of these clouds.

With much of the cloud infrastructure mimicking the IT technology that was around before the inception of the cloud, we now need to find smarter, faster, and more efficient cloud-based technology – and we have one option.

Unikernels are the next generation of cloud infrastructure

Although you may have heard of containers, you may not have heard of unikernels – but you should! Unikernels were created to fill the need and gaps in the cloud industry, providing the precise amount of software to run one application. Without any extra frills and pieces, the unikernels approach is typically more efficient and faster than other larger technologies.

With traditional software, you use a piece of application software that runs one function, such as giving data to a web server. However, for the software to run properly, you need to add it to an operating system.

By combining software and an operating system, it can make the software work. Unfortunately, with this model, there are thousands of resources and utilities that are being wasted.

Greater operating speed

Instead, unikernels only use a specialized system that combines the properties of application software and operating system into one technology. This way, you only have one single image that contains everything needed to run the application. Instead of wasting utilities and routines, unikernels are a lightweight and super-fast technology that requires only milliseconds to boot up.

Enhanced security measures

One of the most important aspects of cloud technology is security. With a single processing image, can unikernels be as secure as other options? The answer is yes, they can – and they are more secure!

Unikernels reduce surface area, minimizing the chances of attackers and hackers latching onto this technology. Since unikernels do not have thousands of extra programs and space for unnecessary utilities, there is less chance of attack.


When searching for the most efficient and secure cloud technology, unikernels are the next generation. With a small surface area that prevents hackers from latching onto the technology and increased efficiency due to the speed of the application, this technology is essential for businesses in all sectors. When looking for a fast, secure, and lightweight application, unikernels comes out on top when compared to other cloud resources.

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