World of Warcraft: The Fractured Kingdoms and the Looming Threats

More and more new players began to come to World of Warcraft after a long lull. The reason was the new add-on and many changes in the game.

But still, the main reason why more and more new people come to the game is that World of Warcraft has a very well-thought-out plot component. In no other game will you find such a detailed story, and abundance of characters and races.

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On the other hand, this also confuses many players, because it is difficult for them to immediately understand the plot.

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Thanks to such services, players can immerse themselves in history and not waste time. But the story in the game is quite complex and today we will try to understand it a little.

Stormwind’s Betrayal

The Alliance is going through a period of recovery after all the wars. After the fall of Lordaeron, the main center of the Alliance became the city of Stormwind, destroyed in the First War (events of Warcraft 1), which was liberated from the Lordaeron Alliance after the defeat of the Doomhammer Horde.

But after construction, there was a lot of fraud. The kingdom’s nobility hired the Stonemason Guild to restore it, which built the new fortress Stormwind quite well and in a fairly short time. The guild was headed by Edwin VanCleef, who also led the process and led it competently.

But after they rebuilt the city, the nobles of the kingdom deceived them and did not pay anything. The money was huge, many people worked and did hard work.

Everyone built this city. The members of the guild, ordinary workers, were outraged by this turn of events and, after the completion of all fruitless negotiations with the nobility of the kingdom, they rebelled, deciding to create their fair state, overthrowing the dishonest government.

They unanimously supported VanCleef in his quest to clean up the mess. They called their new organization Defias Brotherhood, which all members of the guild, as well as all those who were concerned, joined.

In addition to everything, King Varian Wrynn left Stormwind, who could have resolved the issue, but he left for a long time on a diplomatic mission to Theramore. After all the negotiations came to nothing, VanCleef went to work to take down a bunch of scammers.

The nobles of the kingdom declared the Defias Brotherhood outlawed, and its members – criminals and bandits. A bunch of scammers, instead of softening the situation, started a civil war and began to imprison members of the Brotherhood in The Stockade, who rebelled in prison.

They also began hiring gangs of thugs off the street for shiny trinkets to come into Dead Mines and fight VanCleef’s people and, if possible, kill him.

The greedy authorities also turned representatives of the local population against the Brotherhood of Justice, who also offered thugs and players to destroy members of the Brotherhood instead of helping VanCleef for money and trinkets.

In addition to the problem with VanCleef Stormwind, other problems are threatening his territory. In the Redridge Mountains, the orcs of the Black Rock clan, taking advantage of the weakness of the kingdom, captured the Stonewatch Keep fortress and are threatening to strike Lakeshire any day now.

The Lakeshire administration offers everyone to exterminate the Black Rock clan members before they attack the city.

Threats Looming over Duskwood and Stormwind

In the Duskwood forest area, a lot of problems were caused by the Dark Riders (their quest is not easy to pass in Season of Discovery), who killed many of the local population and left many villages devastated.

The slaughtered population has partially risen as undead in the cemetery. The devastated villages were occupied by hostile forces. And the undead are led by Morbent Fel. Abercrombie helps him.

Among other things, matters are aggravated by the fact that in the very heart of Stormwind, near the main nobility, Lady Katrana Prestor has settled, who is rude to passing travelers and weaves intrigues within the kingdom. This is none other than the disguised dragoness Onyxia, who snuck into Stormwind and took the wrong place there.

It was she who persuaded the nobles not to pay Van’Cleef, started a civil war, and is doing everything to ensure that Stormwind is captured and the kingdom destroyed.

Marshal Windsor guesses about the real state of affairs, but he is captured by the Dark Iron dwarves and is in a dungeon in Blackrock Depths. So things are looking bleak for Stormwind.

Threats and Intrigues in Ironforge

In the dwarven capital of Ironforge, things are much better. The king is in place, and corruption, if it exists, is suppressed. Most of the lands are preserved, and the problems that confront the kingdom threaten not to destroy the kingdom itself, as in the case of Stormwind, but to cause mischief.

In Loch Modan, the dwarves are threatened by Troggs. In the swampy area of the Wetlands, the Dragonmaw clan orcs captured the mountain passes with the Dun Algaz base and the communication routes with the port fortress of Menethil, the problem is minor but can be solved if desired, and besides, the defense there is weak.

In the Wetlands, in addition to orcs, dwarves are threatened by gnolls; compared to the problems of Stormwind, the problem is simple. A much more serious problem is the Dark Iron dwarves, who have made an empire out of their state and are waging war with the Ironforge dwarves.

They are led by Emperor Thaurissan, who sits in the Depths of the Black Mountain and has contacted the fire elemental Ragnoros, receives support from his subordinates, and communicates with his ambassadors.

The threat is very serious, because… Ragnoros, who established contact with his predecessor Thane-sorcerer Thaurissan, even in his normal state has great power. He is only waiting for the right moment to awaken. (this event can only be prevented by 40 heroes who will go to Ragnoros to stop him).

Also in the world, there are dwarves of the Thorium Brotherhood clan, who have neutrality with Ironforge. To make matters worse, King Magni’s daughter, Moira Bronzebiard, has become involved with Thaurissan, married him, and is expecting his child.

But this is only a problem for King Magni, and not for all of Ironforge. And Moira herself is happy with her husband and has no plans to return anywhere.

The dwarves of Gnomeregan have suffered a catastrophe. A coup d’état took place in their small kingdom and its capital, Gnomeregan. Mekginner Thermaplugg seized power.

Not only did he carry out the massacre, but he also took advantage of the troggs’ help and provoked a man-made disaster that led to radiation emissions, disfiguring the local inhabitants, who turned into leper gnomes.

The last one he spun all sorts of nonsense and they sided with him and began to defend the captured Gnomeregan. He was joined by agents of the Dark Iron dwarves, who benefited from the destruction of the dwarves’ ally Ironforge.

Thus Gnomeregan fell. King Gelbin Mekkatorque, along with refugees and the remnants of his subordinates, fled to Ironforge, where the good dwarves allocated a small room for him and his subjects. So he lives there in a story that is frozen in time.

Night Elf Discord and the Troubles of Teldrassil

The night elves of Darnassus, under Fandral Staghelm’s nominal leadership, face internal divisions exacerbated by the unauthorized growth of Teldrassil.

This replacement for the lost Tree of Eternity, Nordrassil, lacks its predecessor’s blessing from nature, leading to numerous problems including demonic infestations and aggressive wildlife.

As they strive to protect their newfound sanctuary, the night elves must also contend with external threats from demons, nagas, cultists, and estranged Highborne, along with the rampant hostility of once-harmonious local creatures.

You can see how extensive the plot awaits players in World of Warcraft. This is a game that unites entire generations with its story. If you want to get to know each other better, it’s a great idea to start playing.

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