4 Ways 360 Tours can Increase Hotel Booking


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Today’s immersive technology in helping the hotel industry to develop effective marketing strategies. It is assisting startups and entrepreneurs to incorporate such latest innovations into their business. As a result, it is helping them attract users in order to raise the high conversion rate. 360 tour is an exponentially advancing technology to attract more guests and secure direct hotel bookings.

The user without visiting the hotel can make their decision and more important this helps them to remain up-to-date with time. The 360 tour is currently one of the most cutting-edge technology to leverage the customer. Therefore, the hotel of every size is trying to merge this technique into their existing business model. The hotel industry realized the potential of a 360-degree walk-through to facilitate its prestigious users.

The reason for incorporating 360 tours in the hotel industry

The hotel takes the user’s experience to the next level and shows prospective guests incredible facilities through 360 tours. This feature will capture the eye of viewers as they scroll through video. For viewers, this is an ultra-wide format (panorama) to view any space of hotel around the world. It offers greater detail and insights into the hotel to showcase its attractive space to the user. This feature offers an ability to click and drag on the scene of the hotel helping users to explore particular elements. Apart from that businesses can increase the user engagement rate by merging 360 tours to their website.  

360 tours are so appealing to attract the viewers to take a closer view. The hotel can create a video of one of their best executive hotel or your leisure amenities ensuring every detail is picture-perfect via 360 tours.

Ways 360 Tours can boost Hotel Booking

Hotel marketers have applied too many marketing methods over a period of time. But with the advancement of technology helped them to enable potential guests with an immersive experience of their hotel. Via 360 tour feature hotel with a strong website, social media presence, email list, and a couple of booking method got strengthened.  It has become a strong business tool in the marketing game.

Rise Online Bookings

The visitor generally does not visit a hotel before booking, but 360 Tours will showcase all parts of the hotel sitting right in another corner of the planet. This is therefore helpful to make a decision to choose the hotel without any second thought.

Create a Difference in Direct Sales

When there is a big list of hotels in front of the visitor then how to make a difference while choosing a hotel. 360 Tours attractively showcase the highlights of the hotel which make the hotel unique. This gave an add-on reason for users to choose your hotel over the competition to increase direct sale.

Create immersive Emails & Brochures

Hotel’s 360 tours may offer emails and PDF brochures to facilitate the visitors. This can help them with quick and easily generate URL links to any section of your hotel website. This is the best way to keep users engaged with the showcase of specific parts of your hotel.

Usage of Website & Social Media

This is another best way to increase the hotel booking rate. Businesses in the hotel can add 360 tours to the website and share it via a social media platform. Users are very much engaging with social media. They can easily get engaged with 360 tours that act as attractive, appealing and immersive content.

In closing

The hotel industry is constantly evolving with the implementation of marketing strategies. They are finding ways to better engage prospective guests. With the help of 360 tour hoteliers are trying to make a difference with a more interactive approach. This can help them to stay a step ahead of the competition in the market. 360 tours can create an interactive experience of your hotel that can drive fruitful results.

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