Android OS Vs Windows OS Comparison – Which is Best Mobile OS ?

One of the most asked questions is – which is the better mobile operating system? Is it Android or Windows?  Android and Windows operating systems have provided an alternative to people who have traditionally been sewn into using Apple’s iOS and BlackBerry’s BlackBerry OS.

Sometimes comparing Windows and Android is a matter of subjective debate. Both these operating systems have their fans. Windows fans feel that Windows is the best. Android lovers swear on the Android operating system.

Both these operating systems have evolved. Now, they are polished operating systems offering loads of features.

Android OS Vs Windows OS Comparison

Comparing Android and Windows handsets

  • Android commands a larger market share. The number of Android handsets being released into the market is growing every day. There are more Android handsets than Windows handsets.
  • However, this statistic does not mean that Android is better than Windows. The premium Windows smartphones are high-quality phones built by reputed manufacturers such as HTC, and Samsung to name a few. Such manufacturers are known to make high-quality devices. Therefore, you can expect Windows phones to have the best build quality.
  • But Android phones are available in all price ranges. You can own a cool looking smartphone without shelling out a fortune. If you simply want an entry-level phone, you have better choices in Android.

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Comparing Android and Windows apps

  • Android wins big in this regard. There are around seven million apps on Google Play. A majority of them are made for smartphones. But Windows has only about a million apps. Although the numbers should not matter, Windows does not have key apps such as BBC iPlayer, Instagram and Temple Run for example.
  • Google is still second best in this regard. Apple’s iTunes App Store is still leading the race and Google Play Store is catching up.


  • Android is an open-source platform. Smartphone manufacturers use the operating system like how they want to. This means that the operating system could be tweaked. And manufacturers indiscriminately upgrade the versions on the phones. This means that you could lose access to some apps supported only by the previous version of the OS.
  • But the reality is that a majority of Android devices do not get an upgrade. So, you have multiple Android handsets floating around with different operating system versions. Here is where Windows wins. Windows phones are upgraded systematically.


  • The virtue of Android being an open-source platform could be a double-edged sword. Given the vast majority of Android handsets, it is difficult to benchmark the average processing speed of the Android operating system. Given that there are high-end and low-end devices, deriving this statistic is a dicey affair.
  • Adding to this confusion is the different flavours of the operating system. This is compounded by the fact that the manufacturers have all the right in the world to tweak the OS. This gives rise to a variance in processing speed.

On the other hand, Windows phones have established processing speeds. You know at the outset what to expect.


The score for Windows and Android operating systems is level at 2 – 2. Therefore, it is a draw!

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