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Top 5 Best Enterprise Information Archiving (EIA) Software’s 2021

Enterprise Information Archiving

Archiving software is vital for organizations to retain and rapidly retrieve structured or unstructured information and data over a period of time.

These software’s are designed to comply with security standards and regulations. File archiving can involve the retention of messages, such as social media posts, emails, images, and other content from social sites and web pages.

It is important to work with software that provides compliant data retention that can be retrieved quickly in its native context and form in a way that can be analyzed and understood.

In this article, we have mentioned the five best Enterprise Information Archiving (EIA) software that are designed to meet all the enterprise discovery requirements by retrieving stored data with an intact context.

Enterprise Information Archiving Software’s

1. Pagefreezer – Complete Archive Software

This archiving solution allows organizations and businesses to preserve all their digital files, communications, and website interactions for various purposes.

The software is primarily used to deal with litigation and compliance requirements and issues. This is especially true for electronic discovery and subpoenas.

Pagefreezer is a great alternative to the Wayback Machine, which is known to use sophisticated Google-like crawling technology.

All screenshots archived by the software are taken through a fully automated operation. You don’t need to download any additional archive software when you use Pagefreezer.

The main features of this software include web-page comparison, digital signature, data export, live browsing, and legal proof.

Furthermore, the software makes sure a copy of your website or records are maintained without anything being omitted.

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2. Mimecast Cloud Archive

Mimecast is a Cloud-based enterprise information archiving solution. It offers multiple features for data management, discovery, and complex compliance. Mimecast Cloud-based enterprise information archiving solution also offers self-service search, case review, and legal hold tools that help users in performing case assessments for setting case strategies.

Mimecast’s integrated recovery helps organizations to manage compliance archiving and data resilience from a single console as well.

3. WebPreserver – Third-Party Capture Software

WebPreserver enables legally admissible online evidence through one-time capture. The solution is delivered through a Chrome extension that installs on your toolbar and an intuitive dashboard for file management.

WebPreserver not only includes a third-generation web crawler but also features a web harvesting bulk-capture tool that preserves any type of web domain (or sections thereof), including complex javascript content, with one click.

Web pages, web domains, web forums (Reddit, Yelp, etc.), the Wayback Machine, blogs… if you can gain access to it, WebPreserver can collect it.

The collection is largely an automated process. Once you’ve set preservation parameters, the tool doesn’t need to be actively managed, even if you’re capturing a large website or social media feed.

So lawyers, paralegals, compliance officers, and other litigation support staff don’t need to spend endless hours manually screenshotting pages.

4. Proofpoint Enterprise Archive

Proofpoint Enterprise Archive is also a cloud-based archiving solution designed and developed to capture, retain, discover and monitor digital communications to ensure compliance.

Proofpoint Enterprise Archive solution unites and normalizes the feeds across public social media, enterprise collaboration apps, instant messenger chats, text messaging, and more.

It also offers self-service control for legal teams through an intuitive workflow. Proofpoint Content Patrol makes it easy for organizations to monitor, remediate and report on social media compliance at scale.

5. ZixArchive for Email Communication

Hundreds of emails are sent and received by employees on a daily basis. It can be a gigantic task to manage all those emails and properly archive them.

This is especially true if your organization is hoping to get the job done in a way that meets regulatory and legal obligations.

ZixArchive is a painless way of archiving email communication and retrieving them when necessary. The software makes compliance and eDiscovery simple for your business.

It works by automatically collecting all email communication indefinitely. You can control the length of time a particular email gets archived through the archiving policies.

You can set archiving based on the email addresses of the sender and recipient. eDiscovery feature is made easy with automatic indexing of every email.

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