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The Best Features of Odoo 14

If you are one among the millions of people all over the world, who are accustomed to depending on Odoo as your most dependable jack-of-all-trades ERP or enterprise resource planning tool. 

If you are, impatiently waiting for the release of Odoo’s v14. The features of Odoo 14 are incredible and will without a doubt help you and your business take the very next step in terms of automation and enhancing your overall workflow.

So, if you are curious about the new Odoo, continue reading to know some of the best features of Odoo 14.

Best Features of Odoo 14

1. Animative Conversations

One of the coolest features of the new Odoo is that users are able to include Emojis along with text characters to make your conversations with colleagues and clients more lively and friendlier. This will allow you to communicate in a more informal way.

2. Product Catalog Widget

In Odoo 14, you will also be able to see a product catalogue widget on your website module. This means that you will be able to edit the details as per the need and customize the ready-made template so that you can easily publish it to your website.

3. Price List Printing from the Products List

Odoo 14 provides an option for users like you to prince pricelists while using the respective currency from the product list. You will be able to select the products from Master Data in the List view and then move further to create an accurate and more descriptive report of your products.

4. Improve the Look of your Site

There are a lot of different ways that Odoo 14 will allow you to improve the look of your business’ live site. For one, the Chart Snippet will allow you to displace dates on your site in easy to understand and great-looking charts. 

New Countdown Widget in Odoo 14 allows users in improving the look of their site. Adding the Countdown Widget to your site will allow you to announce a countdown of a new product release. 

5. Auto Pop Up:

Another wonderful addition that Odoo 14 has offered is an Auto pop up feature that allows you to include a promotion or offer that will automatically pop up once someone visits your site. This is a great way to increase sales and build out your mailing list if you exchange a promotional code for an email. 

6. New Data Cleaning Module 

One final fantastic addition that is featured in Odoo 14 is the ability to remove any duplicate or redundant data so that you can reduce your memory use and make sure that you are looking at the most accurate data in regards to many different facets of your business. 


As you can see, there are many great new additions to Odoo, all you have to do to take advantage of Odoo 14 is, download Odoo 14! and start using.

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