10 Best Minecraft Texture Packs For PS4, Xbox One & Windows

Minecraft is a 3D sandbox game where graphics are the reason behind its popularity. Texture packs will completely change the way we play Minecraft as the game is more about personalization and the freedom to choose. Sandbox environments allow players to play as they please including exploring, building to farming.

In addition, the game graphics can be adjusted to create more realistic appearance. Texture packs or shader packs will ensure players to completely immerse in the game.

If you’re looking to make your game more appealing, then you can use texture packs.

Here in this article, we have listed the top 10 Minecraft texture packs and their specialties from which you can choose the one that suits your choice and preferences the best. 

Best Minecraft Texture Packs

1. Misa’s Realistic Texture Pack

The Misa’s realistic texture pack is quite extensive as it contains detailed textures for every item, block, and mob is found within the game. With the advancement of tech and more shaders Minecraft modders truly have extended the boundaries of what the game can be capable of.

Infidels appear to be more terrifying, particularly the skeletons. Combining this texture pack and an underlying shader, Minecraft appears to be a new game.

Of course, low-end PCs might have trouble running this application; however, the final result is definitely worth the effort for those who can push the limits of their computer.

2. Modern HD

The Modern HD Pack aims to make your Minecraft gameplay feel more real & special. This pack will change every single item and blow that you make in the game to create an updated appearance.

It is particularly impressive when you’re trying to design an urban scene with your buddies or attempting to build an urban home that is an oasis away from the wild countryside beyond your front door. 

3. John Smith Legacy

The Minecraft RPG features, including charming, exploring the world, and fighting truly favor all kinds of medieval-themed cosmetic changes. This is likely the reason John Smith is one of the most popular texture packs for Minecraft.

John Smith might not have vivid hues that’s why it seems to be sad and dull but it transforms Minecraft into a fantasy medieval world in the snap of an eye.

A lot of the blocks appear different from the original design and those who enjoy drastic changes and the medieval style of building will surely be delighted by the texture packs. From massive castles with sprawling courtyards to incredibly terrifying Skeletons, the textures pack comes as accurate as it gets.

The cobblestones that are dark and grungy, the rocks, and the deep worn wood structures in JohnSmith’s texture pack appear amazing in the shadows created by graphically-generated graphics as well as indoor lights.

4. Mythic

As the name suggests, Mythic is a texture pack that transforms Minecraft into the mythical realm of fantasy and medieval settings. There’s no shortage of incredible details that completely changes the appearance and the feel of the game as Mythic comes with a dark and mystical feel.

You can even take a look at the tongue of the witch. The other mobs, armor, and weapons also have a gritty medieval feel to them, with a touch of steampunk as well.

The Mythic mobs look stunning with new terrifying looks however the most striking aspect is the icons for items that are made up of beautiful and high-quality art.

5. Dokucraft

Dokucraft is a 32x texture pack built by Doku that has created an entire community. Since its inception, hundreds of programmers and creators have worked to keep this resource in existence and up to date across all Minecraft versions.

The entire project is amazingly coordinated though it’s still in progress. Dokucraft Dark has a grittier and grayer feel, as well as a more desaturated look & Dokucraft Light is the brightest of the three, featuring high-quality colors and sharp contrasts where Dokucraft High is a good combination of both, more intense emeralds and blues that are crystal clear and paired with muted, dark undertones.

6. Faithful

The Faithful Pack doubles the resolution of Minecraft’s textures and stays in line with the material that was used to create it. If you’re looking for an updated appearance for Minecraft that doesn’t stray too far from the original, then Faithful is the best choice.

It’s advertised as one of the “most popular texture packs in Minecraft,” and the results it received are in line with that claim.

With the textures of its predecessors, doing nothing more than blurring edges, smoothing surfaces, and providing an elegant look to the game experience.

It increases the default resolution of 16x to 32x, which is likely to be a huge improvement for visuals, and most surprisingly the latest version goes up to 64x. Therefore, if you are a fan of HD make sure you download this pack of textures.

7. SapixCraft

Sapixcraft is packed with vibrant colors, simple and clear textures, and a style of art that can make players think of lighter-hearted game titles from the RPG genre.

One of the main highlights of the texture pack is the way it handles the leaves of trees. Every leaf is now illustrated in leaf blocks making them appear beautiful. Although it’s fun and creative, it does not mean that it is sacrificing the finer details.

While the SapixCraft Resources Pack is still in development, Minecraft players are already praising this pack. In reality, it’s worth waiting.

SapixCraft Resources Pack comes with the most impressive resolution of x512 which is exceptional when contrasted to the default pack resolution of 16×16. But, it’s also described as”a minimalist style pack” since it doesn’t have any important adjustments.

However, SapixCraft Resources Pack is still in the process of being developed. You’ll surely be wondering what its final result will be like, as the pack is already fantastic.

8. Sphax PureBDCraft


If you’ve ever played within the community of custom textures for Minecraft and Minecraft 2, you’ll no doubt have seen or heard of PureBDCraft.

Sphax pack features an appealing comic book design that is a popular alternative to Minecraft’s original textures. The pack has been in use since the beginning of Minecraft and the encompassing nature of the pack is the appealing comic-book style and the neat edges that make it an easy recommendation.

Sphax’s PureBDCraft incorporates art to produce exactly this. Although a lot of mobs and blocks appear different, they’re recognizable and this is what makes the best of these texture packs.

It’s an excellent option for those who enjoy the cartoonish, fun, and vibrant art style that has an appealing and natural look. The color scheme remains extremely true to Minecraft however the textures are more refined & of superior quality.

9. Depixel Resource Pack

Depixel Resource Pack provides a completely exciting gaming experience into the Minecraft gaming scene. Although it’s still the standard 32×32 resource pack, Depixel Resource Pack remains one of the most sought-after still.

The pack has a beautiful resolution when compared with other packs with weird and glittering themes. Additionally, it has an attractive and distinctive appearance besides being very well-liked by users.

Depixel is the second double resolution texture pack that is designed to be faithful to the original Minecraft. The pack allows an artistic license on occasion, for instance, the skeleton’s slightly more spooky face however it manages to keep real to classic Minecraft.

10. LB Photo Realism

LB Photo Realism is the most downloaded texture pack in the world of Planet Minecraft. The goal of this texture pack is to create a look of the game as real as possible and even give the game a rough look.

This pack is a follow-up to the famous texture packs LB Photo Realism that was highly popular during the beginning times of Minecraft. This gorgeous texture change creates a fluffy look for trees and grass to appear realistic.

This is a drastic change from the old textures and is ideal if you wish to make your game appear the most realistic way possible without making it look ridiculous. Of course, this will make the game more challenging however that’s what you pay for an amazing transformation.


The above mentioned are some of the best Minecraft Texture Packs For PS4, Xbox One and Windows. Let us know your favourite Minecraft Texture Pack in the comment section.

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