Best Places to Hire WordPress Developers in 2023

WordPress has helped almost 80% of worldwide users in building their websites. Amazingly WordPress users don’t have to rely on anyone else to build their website or make any changes as there are many tutorials available on YouTube.

But everything is not possible to be done at the same time as a person & there the need for WordPress developers comes.

Now if you run a development business, you will be constantly looking for skilled WordPress developers with multiple skills like WordPress theme development, programming, and plugin customizations.

But finding a skilled WordPress developer is not that easy as many online platforms claim to have WordPress programmers, designers, and developers and charge a maximum fee. We have to find out the genuine & most affordable one among them.

To help you out in this article, we have listed the 9 best places to hire WordPress developers in 2023.

Best Places to Hire WordPress Developers


Codeable tops the list as it was specifically created to be a WordPress Freelancer platform. It uses a six-step screening process that carefully screens for WordPress experts to hire the best.

A professional review, a technical exam, and live coding tests are all part of the screening process. Interviews take place as well as a 45-day trial period.

This is to ensure that only a few WordPress developers are selected. The WordPress developers that they allow to use their platform are skilled in WordPress theme development, plugin customizations, and other coding.

Codeable assists its customers with WordPress-related problems and makes it easy to hire the best WordPress developers via its platform.

2. Toptal

Toptal platform allows freelancers to connect with different professionals. You can find software programmers, project managers, and designers on Toptal.

Toptal accepts less than 3% of the over 100,000 applications it receives every year. You can be sure that Toptal’s WordPress developers will help you leverage the best talent in the world by hiring them.

It asks you a few questions about the service you are looking for and your budget. It will match you with the best WordPress developers based on your answers. For a one-week project, expect to spend between $1,000 and $1,600.

3. DistantJob

DistantJob is also one of the best place to hire WordPress developers. It helps companies in hiring remote developers. Using DistantJob businesses can assign their WordPress projects to vetted senior-level WordPress Developers.

Hiring WordPress developers on DistantJob is pocket-friendly as they tap into local markets with lower salary without affecting quality. 

As soon as you post the project requirement DistantJob will reach out to hundreds of candidates who might be a possible match for you. You can then start reviewing people that match your requirements. DistantJob also suggest you 3-5 top candidates instead of an endless list.

4. Elementor Experts

Elementor experts is a community for web developers and designers. You can browse the profiles of WordPress experts that showcase best practices in design, marketing, or development.

This platform allows you to hire developers that can install WordPress, migrate, and do full-stack development. The platform will help you find developers who are proficient in HTML and JavaScript.

They can also assist with web hosting. Although the Elementor experts do not charge a fixed price for their services, you can still choose the one that best suits your needs and budget.

5. Cloudways Experts 

Cloudways makes it easy to find and hire experts through the Cloudways Expert Program. Here the experts have the skills and knowledge to help you meet your business’s needs.

Cloudways Experts can solve any problem, no matter how complex, whether it is website/store setup, design, development, or hosting migration.

Find the right expert for your project, contact them to discuss your requirements and then hire them until you are satisfied. You can hire a WordPress Developer with the Cloudways Expert Program in just three steps.

This program provides transparency and trust and allows you to network with web professionals who are qualified to help you build long-lasting relationships.

Cloudways Experts provide high-quality web projects that result in a steady revenue stream and improved customer retention. Before hiring an expert, you can talk with them about your job requirements and job scope.

6. Envato Studio

Envato is a well-known marketplace for digital resources, such as WordPress themes or plugins. If you are looking for WordPress developers to hire, then you can go to the freelance section on its platform, also known as Envato Studio.

You have access to thousands of designers, developers, and creatives to assist you in your web design project. You won’t have to ask experts for a bid on your project, unlike other job markets.

Instead, you can hire WordPress developers by handpicking them based on their portfolios, prices, and community recommendations. Start by searching for the WordPress developers that you are looking for. After the project is complete, Envato will withhold the money.

7. WordPress Jobs

“WordPress Jobs” is a job posting website that focuses on WordPress design, development, and performance. You can also find content writing, translation, and support jobs to help other members of the community.

It is an official WordPress job site and provides a quick solution for those looking to hire WordPress experts. Post a job in one of the categories, and skilled WordPress developers from the community will apply for it.

High-quality applicants can be hired from all over the world for part-time or full-time positions. You also have the option to hire for projects you are currently working on.

You have ample time to find WordPress developers of high quality, as the job listing is active for 21 days after it has been approved by the website.

8. Freelancer

Freelancer is a popular marketplace for freelancers seeking work. Anyone can create a profile, upload a portfolio, and submit bids for projects. Simply provide the project details, add a budget and post the project.

Only professionals who meet the requirements will be able to bid for the job. Your job posting will go live once it is placed under a particular category.

This allows freelancers to search for it and make a bid. You can browse profiles of freelancers, chat in real-time, and compare proposals.

A star rating system is used to rate freelancers. This gives you an immediate idea of how they have worked with clients in the past. For short-term projects, freelancers are a great choice.

It’s not the best website to use if you are looking to hire a full-time WordPress designer or developer. 

9. WPhired

WPhired, the last one on our list is another independent job site for technical WordPress-related jobs. WPHired offers a free job posting service that allows you to hire WordPress developers.

There’s a downside as well, which is that the job postings are only valid for 30 days. If you want to increase your chances of getting hired, you can run three featured job ads that last 60 days for $39.99. 


It is not so easy to find and hire a WordPress developer. However, with some guidance, it is possible to hire a professional WordPress developer for your WordPress projects.

A WordPress developer can be a costly investment. Make sure you choose a skilled professional. Here in this article, we have listed the best websites to hire WordPress developers in 2023.

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