7 Best Places to Put Your Video Projector

Teenager Using Video Projector

The video projector is an image projector using a video projector and a video screen. Videos are projected onto the screen from their built-in DVD player or USB memory stick.

If you want to create a high-quality presentation with the power of multimedia, there are several options for where you should put your projector.

It’s essential to choose a location that will allow plenty of vision and free space around it to give your audience an overall good presentation experience.

With the popularity of high-definition televisions, most people want to make sure that they can project their DVD player or computer onto a better quality screen than their television screen. Most towns have several location options and equipment options for playing videos.

Best Places to Put Video Projector

1. Stuff it in a custom-made soffit

A soffit is the underside of any structure, such as a roof. They are often made out of wood or steel. They can cover any design, from a building to a fence post.

Soffits are usually put into place before the construction of the building they will protect so they can be easily constructed to fit around it perfectly.

This makes it an ideal location because you can measure your screen up and make a custom cardboard screen that will fit perfectly over your video projector, creating an ideal place for your video projection.

2. Build a wall around it

Wemax projector like Wemax Dice 1920x1080p high-resolution projectors for electronics and engineering types of equipment. If you have extra raw materials and a few tools, making a wall to surround your projector is another option.

A wall can be made from any number of materials, but it will depend on what you’re making. You’ll need to find the right location for your wall that is large enough to contain your projector and then build around it to give your audience enough vision from both sides.

3. Stow it behind the wall

A good location for your projector is behind your wall, where it can’t be seen. This is much more ideal in a living room or other room where people will be in the background behind the wall.

The audience can sit comfortably on a couch or chair, enjoying the movie and not being distracted by the large video projector.

4. Hide it behind the screen

This is a particularly good option when you want to create more privacy if you plan to show two or three people in the room at once.

The screen can be made from any material, which will depend on your project and how much privacy you need. It can also be made to fit over the projector itself to provide more space around the screen.

If you don’t want your audience to see the video projector and want them to focus entirely on the screen in front of them, then you can hide your projector behind the screen. This will help keep it from being seen from all angles, but it may need more light output for a good-quality projection.

5. Put it in a cabinet, place it on a shelf

Putting your video projector in a cabinet or on a shelf will give you the free area around it that you need for a good presentation. The idea is to put the cabinet or shelf on the ceiling so that it can be easily accessible but not be seen in the background.

6. Tuck it above the ceiling

This is the ideal location for your video projector and the best option if you want your audience to focus on the screen rather than where it is projected. To hang your projector above the ceiling, you will need to find a high enough spot.

Wemax Dice projectors are widely used at trade fairs, conference halls, and airport terminals to display and deliver multimedia information effectively. Then mount it up there with a good ceiling mount so that it can be easily accessed by people standing behind or in front of the screen.

7. Consider a short throw projector

If you want to remain discreet, a short-throw projector is ideal for your video projector. It will be hidden from view and still easily project a large image on the screen.

This is especially effective if you use a projector mounted on a ceiling or if you’re planning on putting it behind something. Since it projects straight up and down, your audience will need to learn where the movie is coming from.

When looking for the best location for your video projector, consider all of the options available to you. Avoid placing it in a place with too many people around, as this will distract from what’s being projected on the screen.            

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