20 Best Social Media Monitoring Tools

Best Social Media Monitoring tools

In Digital Marketing, some tools are used only for Social Media Monitoring. These tools will help you to engage with your existing and new customers.

One can use these tools for several reasons, for example, engage with the customer, for customer support, and Understand customer requirements. 

Social Media Monitoring Tools will allow you to monitor multiple social media profiles on the various platform from a single touchpoint. Below are the top 20 best social media monitoring tools, especially to help people with relevant conversations. 

Top 20 Best Social Media Monitoring Tools

1) HubSpot Marketing:

HubSpot Marketing plays an essential role in Social Media Marketing. This tool supplies the chances to monitor your crucial conversations with your customers in businesses.

All your data correlated with various platforms. Such as synced with Salesforce, business rating, and track on leads. HubSpot also gives you a free trial.

Below is the list of features of HubSpot:

  1. HubSpot will allow you to manage your business with their own to published business info, Format data, preparation part, and so on to increase traffic.
  2. HubSpot also equipped with another marketing channel where you can track and grow your lead with the entire journey and segmented them. It can personalize your contact management.
  3. This tool will not require expensive training. This is very easy to use as an updated dashboard with all necessary operations; it can create an account, update contacts, increase system score. 
  4. This tool offers a powerful email marketing feature that will help to maintain both dynamic and static HTML messages. 
  5. It is truly based on SEO optimization. HubSpot’s keyword research tool will enhance your blogs, websites, and social media profiles as per SEO requirements.

2) Buzzlogix: 

Buzzlogix is one of the best social media management and monitoring tool. Which is applicable in diverse business environments. If you ready to learn more about development on social media marketing.

Unique Features of Buzzlogix:

  1. Buzz Radar is the most popular feature in Buzzlogix’. Buzzlogix will help you to get the real-time of your brand and products.
  2. Buzzlogix keeps you update with the latest online trends. This is the intelligent analysis system working.
  3. This tool is available in 20+ languages across different geographies.

3) Sprout Social

SproutSocial is a social listening tool that authorizes to join, launch, and keep up excellence social conversations. It is preparing and posting optimized content on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. Sprout Social also uses on mobile devices.

Unique Features of Sprout Social:

  1. The benefits of acquiring Sprout Social is the dashboard, which is divided into six major sections: Publishing, Messages, Feed, Tasks, Discovery, and Reports.
  2. Sprout Social has Customer Service features to establish and manage customer conversations on several channels from Sprout Social account.
  3. It is a user-friendly marketing platform where you can distribute and promote your content. Also, you can be publishing this directly to the variability of social networks. 
  4. It can help you to build your business in this era quickly.
  5. Sprout Social offers you built-in message approvals for the campaign is progressing.

4) Meltwater:

Meltwater is the social media tool which helps you in targeting relevant journalists and influencer. This tool is mostly known for its compelling research to grade analytics.

Features of Meltwater.

  1. This tool has a Real-time monitoring feature. 
  2. In Meltwater one can Customize dashboards to proficiently measure its success with the marketing strategies.
  3. Meltwater measure brand reception levels, where the brand’s most receptive audiences can be located to track media coverage.
  4. It uses an advanced function to discover the possible product, influencers, brand, and executive mentions, market-related topics and themes, customers and prospects, competitors, and current events.
  5. Meltwater provides a unified inbox and automated communication chain. 

5) Qwaya:

This tool is used to track Facebook and Instagram. Qwaya is trustworthy to create and manage your campaigns. This will set up your marketing strategies and targets for more users. Most of this feature is unique. 

Feature of Qwaya:

  1. Qwaya is a more effective targeting tool. It will help you to find the perfect and practical audiences for your business content and ads. 
  2. This tool uses social intelligence in testing ads. Also, this tool will combine all those ads and arrange them in one folder. 
  3. It will track your performance as per your requirements. Like URLs ads testing.
  4. It can help you organize your Facebook account to manage Facebook Page, Events, Ad Account, and Application. 
  5. Another unique feature of Qwaya is A/B Testing in both side Audience Data and Performance.

6) Hootsuite:

Many website owners use this tool more frequently. It is the number one Social media monitoring tool with excellent results. This tool is useful to understand your audience and show them results by focusing on every topic. Hootsuite will monitor your solution and will compare it with leading competitors making it possible to great opportunities and keep engaged. 

Unique Feature of Hootsuite: 

  1. The Hootsuite system serves more than ten million users.
  2. Hootsuite can post more than 35 social networks such as Google+, Foursquare, YouTube, Slideshare, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Reddit, Tumblr, Flickr, and many more. Also, this platform can be connected with any WordPress.
  3. It has a single dashboard to manage all social profiles. Hootsuite collects all require information from all social networks with a single panel. 
  4. Hootsuite will measure the ROI of your social media. 
  5. This tool is free for use. 

7) Sysomos:

Sysomos is very much useful for drawing social insights. It can publish quality content. 


  1. MAP is known for analytics engine and social research, which offers the best database in conversations on social all networks. 
  2. Sysomos is an excellent real-time engagement social media monitoring tool. 
  3. The next unique feature is Scout that offers Facebook trends with anonymous data.
  4. The gaze is the feature which is designed for image monitoring 
  5. Expion is the top-performing content.

8) SharpSpring:

The SharpSpring monitoring tool has fir lead creation and conversion capacity. It has a proficient tracking scheme. This tool has a leading CMS and CRM platform. 


  1. SharpSpring has an Email marketing feature for highly personalized customers. So they will always pay attention to your content.
  2. Another feature is Dynamic lead capturing forms. 
  3. SharpSpring also checks the leads’ location, interaction history, and preferences.
  4. This tool will help you to integrate a new feature.

9) AdRoll:

Adroll is the fundamental way from the new customer to make them essential and loyal by re-engaging their leads. Over the 35000 worldwide agencies has entrusted for their market performance by AdRoll like, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Google. AdRoll is available in various languages and different sizes. 


  1. AdRoll is used mostly for retargeting high intent visitors. It will create use of connections across the devices that will be allowing you to high intent desktop website visitors as well for mobile devices. 
  2. AdRoll has a SendRoll feature which is used to personalized customer behavior.
  3. AdRoll is mostly known for its 500ad exchange.
  4. It works on BidlQ algorithm. 

10) Crimson Hexagon:

Crimson Hexagon designed for identifying the growth opportunities, which, as per the developers, to broad audiences. It helps to improve quality.


  1. This tool designed for Unlimited social posts.
  2. Crimson Hexagon has relevant social data to make it useful in market growth opportunities.
  3. This tool can be used to track the impact of your brand. 
  4. This Company does not charge any extra money to use this data.

11) Zoho Social:

With Zoho Social, you can manage several social media platforms at a time. You can also schedule many posts as per your requirements. Zoho Social will help you to promote your business at the right time and in front of useful customers. 


  1. Zoho Social has a unique feature of Powerful media publishing. It was developed to help businesses to create compelling content for publishing their requirements. 
  2. Zoho Social has a Smart IQ and prediction engine feature. It will help you to determine the time that when viewers are most available to check a post and particular their time
  3. This tool has Firefox and Chrome extension.
  4. Zoho Social is fully mobile-optimized for android and iOS users. 

12) Brandwatch:

Brandwatchwill helps you to be able to understand customers. It helps to drive the right product innovation on your campaigns. Definitely it is one of the most used social media marketing tools.


  1. Brandwatch can be connected easily for online portals and sources. It can include news sites, blogs, forums, and social networks like Facebook and Twitter. 
  2. Brandwatch has access to 90 million sources.
  3. This tool is detailed in data analytics. Brandwatch will offer an advanced suite for its features.
  4. This is the full adaptation for the customers’ demands. 
  5. Brandwatch has 22 Boolean Operators. 

13) Synthesio: 

Synthesio is used to attract attention with its highly globalized performance across all geographies. It will more helpful to improve brand awareness. This is even better than what you get to integrate with productivity systems.


  1. Synthesio is the unique social intelligence gathering methodology in the business term. 
  2. Synthesio provides the most straightforward and fastest brand health evaluation methodology.
  3. Synthesio’s can helps you to measure how much adaptation of your brand can be driving. Synthesio’s will help you to know the exact position of your product.
  4. Synthesio helps you to understand about customer thinking. This can calculate the social reputation score.
  5. Synthesio has another essential feature, which is based on the visualizes on social media data in real-time, which makes access to all the entire team. 

14) Google Alerts: 

Google alert is one of the useful tools for social media tracking. Just enter a search term and that will send you an alert for your Email ID in real-time. Google alerts are used for web monitoring and maintain UpToDate content. 


  1. Google Alerts is free to use for Google account holders.
  2. You can schedule updated newsfeeds weekly or every month.
  3. With the Google alert, you also can be forward content and feeds RSS as per requirements. 
  4. Google Alert is hosted in the cloud, which secures to use. It is based on when any other device and operating system can easily access which. It can handle a large number of user communities. Google Alerts has a large net of its partners, client, and contributors. 

15) CivicFeed

CivicFeed listening solution in artificial intelligence to scan thousands of pages. It has simple and useful with extensive technical knowledge. 


  1. CivicFeed can scan thousands of web pages daily to find out the best conversations for your brand.
  2. This tool helps the customer to understand companies standing points. 
  3. It also can provide you with real-time alerts. 
  4. This allows users to keep their workspace organized. 

16) AgoraPulse: 

AgoraPulse is an easy and affordable social media monitoring tool. This also offers a reporting suite to measure your activity.


  1. AgoraPulse has the End-to-end management of your Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram accounts. 
  2. It measures all types of customer engagement features, which help you to know customer concerns, issues, and tasks.
  3. AgoraPulse enables the scheduled in the publishing of all types of unique feature content.

17) BuzzSumo

Brands such as CapitalOne, Yahoo, The Telegraph, National Geographic use BuzzSumo. It can help you quickly identify the content that will work for your audiences.

BuzzSumo can share all activities across all-important social networks, Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.


  1. BuzzSumo will give you access to SEO friendly content by researching as per market trending, which could attract customers efficiently and quickly. 
  2. This tool has to distribute effective content for growth. BuzzSumo is the most useful to content creators. It will save your time and attract resources, and frequently post on all necessary channels.
  3. It will locate essential influencers. BuzzSumo specializes in amplification influencer in any topic area and reviews the published content.
  4. You can track your competitors closely with BuzzSumo. You can analyze how your competitor announced its data.

18) Digimind Social

Digimind Social interacts with different types of social networks. This tool can provide you with exact numbers and patterns of the post. Also, it has a clear picture of your online branding.


  1. Digimind Social monitors have unlimited social media and web sources for your brand.
  2. It can forecast trends and business opportunities. 
  3. Digimind’s is popular in Top Reputation module to understand your brands 
  4. This is also useful to recognize errors in your content.

19. Madgicx

Madgicx is the best for analytics. This is the full stack in Facebook advertisements with the new heights. This software can be competent in adapting your advertising.

Unique Feature of Madgicx

  1. Madgicx creates the successful adsets to build audiences in the list.
  2. It has detailed features in its activities, performance, spend on your business.
  3. Madgicx has a dashboard to manage a client portfolio. 
  4. This is easy to configure the platform to meet your business requirements for growth.

20. Cyfe

Cyfe is a business intelligence platform that covers Social Media Stats and Indicators. This tool can help you to monitor everything virtually from the individual’s performance on your social media profiles. 

Unique Feature of Cyfe:

  1. Cyfe is the inclusive data processing system that performs. Your social media profiles, web analytics, email marketing channels, SEO, SEM.
  2. Cyfe is known for reporting as it summarized the data on a comprehensive dashboard. 
  3. Cyfe had a unique TV mode feature which can manage your big screen monitor.
  4. This tool is a very flexible and user-friendly tool to map all your domain names.

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mantha goloi January 7, 2020 at 11:24 am

Great article, thank you for sharing! I would like to suggest another tool that could be included in this list, Mentionlytics. It’s been a while since I started using it and I can tell for sure that is worth trying it in the 14-day free trial that is offered. It has many data sources and quite a lot of features like Top Influencers, Publisher, SIA an Intelligence Advisor which analyzes your brand and competitors and gives you actionable insights on how to improve your brand’s online presence, Share of Voice and many more to discover!


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