Best WordPress Two-Factor Authentication Plugins For 2022

Two-Factor Authentication delivers an extra level of security, to ensure if your password has been tight, the hacker can’t access your website without any extra part of the code. This code will be delivered to a registered contact number, email, etc.

Were you aware that you can include two-factor authentication into WordPress? In this article, we will let you know the most effective two-factor authentication WordPress plugins.

Best Two-Factor Authentication WordPress Plugins

1. Google Authenticator

The very first on our list is Google Authenticator from miniOrange, a reliable WordPress plugin developer.

Google Authenticator is an outstanding two-factor WordPress plugin that is simple to set up and easy to use. It ships with a gorgeous collection of attributes plenty of to help keep the impersonating hacker.

The plugin includes features like a slick user interface, also a number of authentication procedures, multi-language service, TOTP + HOTP service, brute force attack avoidance, IP blocking, custom made security inquiries, support for various WordPress form plugins, GDPR compatibility, and also a gigantic collection of added superior attributes.

The core plugin is currently free only for one user, and you can generally get support on the plugins support forum.

 2. Two-Factor

Two-Factor WordPress Plugin is a totally free and open source project directed by George Stephanis using all the assistance of other plugin subscribers. This is one of the most straightforward two-factor authentication WordPress plugins you could ever utilize.

As soon as you set up the plugin, then browse to Users > Your Profile and scroll down to the Two-Factor Options portion. Underneath the portion, enable and configure your own two-factor authentication options.

The Two-Factor WordPress plugin supports four authentication procedures. You may deliver codes into an email, enable the Time-Based One-Time Password (TOTP), FIDO Universal 2nd Factor (U2F), and also support backup verification codes.

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3. WordPress 2-Step Verification

Next on the list is the WordPress 2 step Verification plug-in by as247, a fantastic PHP programmer from Vietnam.

This plugin integrates the optimal login web page 2FA security measures and also ensures that the attackers remain wherever they belong; beyond your admin location.

The plugin Isn’t hard to set up and utilize, and also we hope you configure everything within just 10 min. If you face any issues, as247 is about to assist you by way of the support forums.

WordPress 2-Step Verification offers multi-site support, e-mail codes, app-generated codes, SMS verification, and backup codes.

4. Rublon Two-Factor Authentication

The fourth on the list is Rublon Two-Factor Authentication. The only real purpose of this brilliant WordPress plugin is always to preserve the bad guys outside, which does effortlessly. This is really an easy solution to make two-factor authentication on your WordPress website.

Rublon Two-Factor Authentication plugin is super simple to use and install. It supports many two-factor authentication procedures, such as Email, SMS, QR code, drive notifications, and TOTP, amongst some others.

The plugin Includes a favorable Back End interface Which Makes incorporating Two-factor authentication for WordPress.

5. 5sec Google Authenticator

5sec Google Authenticator is one of the best two-factor authentication WordPress plugins that protect WordPress sites from brute force strikes, being an IP-based Brute force security is assembled in.

The plugin will log out automatically, and also the log-in will probably start at a lightbox. It’s possible for you to restart exactly where you left after entering the new OTP. 5sec Google Authenticator is easy to set up and utilize.

6. Gateway API

Another important two-factor authentication plugin within our own listing is GatewayAPI.

GatewayAPI is really a total engine which aids one to send out SMS directly from the WordPress admin location. In addition, the plugin also has a complementary and user-friendly two-factor authentication characteristic.

Best features of GatewayAPI include Bulk sending, Shortcodes, Recipient segmentation, Reauthorize at every Login or recall device for 30-days


WordPress Security is essential for a very successful website and Two-factor authentication is one of the best ways to keep away the terrible guys out from WordPress.

Please tell us which one is your favorite 2FA plugin? Any inquiries, questions, or hints? Please discuss with us in the comments section.

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