8 Careers in Esports You Never Knew About

If you have entered a few tournaments and been outclassed, it’s not the end of the road for your esports dream. There are plenty of non-playing jobs within the esports world, you just might not know they exist.

Careers in Esports

1. Player Coach

As with any sport, all good players need a coach. They will be in the background at major events, and are ever present. The coach offers advice and watches for areas of improvement. During tournaments, they can study the opponents, share insights on upcoming tactics and weaknesses. 

2. Team Manager

There are some decisions that players alone can’t and shouldn’t make. Who studies the CS GO tournaments schedule at 1337Pro and decides which tournaments are most beneficial to the team?

It’s the function of a Team Manager. Organising all the peripherals and taking the pressures off the player, leaving them free to concentrate on performing.

3. Comms Manager

With esports players and teams gaining millions of followers and subscribers, the keeping up on socials could take over a player’s life. Having a dedicated Comms Manager, removes the need to stay on top of Twitter and Discord at a time when players should be playing. 

4. Gaming Product Manager

The wider corporate world has slowly woken up to the huge appeal of esports and the size of the gaming community. This has led them to create their own games to widen their marketing abilities.

Formula E has recently advertised for a Gaming Product Manager to promote their esports league and by relation, their racing league.

5. Twitch Promotor

If you want to get noticed as an esports content producer, you need followers and subscribers. Sheer numbers will get anyone noticed. A Twitch Promoter finds the right channel and teams to launch a player’s career.

Promoting players in the right space and with the right campaign. For example, getting a professional twitch logo would be an important first step.

6. Campaign Manager

When major companies and corporations engage with the esports world, their marketing department comes too.

The Campaign Manager role is about creating harmony and cohesion between the esports team and the parent company. Red Bull recently advertised for a Senior Campaign Manager for their esports team purely to fill this role.

7. Brand Consultant

In the world of corporate teams and million-dollar budgets, a Brand Consultant will stipulate where and when a player will appear and what they will be promoting.

The role coordinates the brand’s global marketing campaigns and their esports offering, finding the tie-ins and best ways to promote the brand.

8. Hardware Tester

Taking the latest controller, steering wheel or even a joystick and testing it for days at a time, the Hardware Tester is the last line of development before a new product hits the market.

The hours a tester put in on the hardware will provide vital feedback for the design team to adapt to.

With the success and growth of the esports world, it is becoming increasingly vital for teams and companies to expand their non-playing job roles and build a structured team around their players.

This creates job roles which you might have never heard of before, but could now become your next career. 

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