What is Cisco Meraki? Tips to Renew Cisco Meraki at Best Price

Renew Cisco Meraki at Best Price

When it comes to creating and operating a network for your business, no doubt Cisco Meraki is one of the best options out there. Every single day millions of people depend on Cisco Meraki to safely work online and on the cloud.

So, if you have a Cisco purchase renewal coming up, you may be interested in learning about the best possible ways to get the best price. After all, you must renew the Cisco Meraki Licenses to keep using your Cisco Meraki products. Where can you save money on your next renewal?

If that is the case for you, then you have absolutely come to the right place. However, before we break down how to get the best price when you are renewing your contract with Cisco, let’s go over what Cisco Meraki is and what it offers its clients.

What is Cisco Meraki?

Roofnet, which was first designed to bring wireless connectivity to the city of Cambridge, England. Once Cisco acquired Roofnet in 2012, it became an integral part of Cisco’s Cloud Networking Group and has become one of its most popular services in the world.

Overall, Cisco Meraki has changed the way how businesses think about network management. Its out-of-band cloud architecture has managed to create secure and scalable networks that are incredibly easy to deploy and can be managed from anywhere on earth.

These services are accessible from almost any device thanks to the web-based Meraki Dashboard and Meraki Mobile App.

What products are available in Meraki?

While the very first Meraki product was a very simple cloud-managed access point, the different options that Meraki customers can now enjoy are quite substantial.

Meraki prides itself on being completely scalable based on the precise needs of a specific client. For that reason, the more Meraki products a company use, the more advantages they get. Some of the most popular Cisco Meraki products include:

  • Enterprise-grade cloud management from Meraki Dashboard
  • Cloud-managed indoor and outdoor access points with built-in wireless security
  • Cloud-managed security appliances from the MX product line
  • Stackable L2 and L3 switches
  • Cloud-based Enterprise Mobility Management
  • The ability to integrate Meraki with Umbrella

One of the best aspects of Cisco Meraki is that it is not a single product, but instead a full-stack solution.

Benefits of Cisco Meraki

1. Total Security

While ease of use and the intuitive nature of the overall program is without a doubt important, the most important priority is security. All Meraki products are built and rolled out to customers with ultimate security in mind.

2. Cisco Meraki allows peace of mind

Another incredible benefit that Cisco Meraki offers its clients is that it is able to manage your network security so that you don’t have to.

With this business owners who depend on Cisco Meraki to keep sensitive information can spend time primarily figuring out how to improve and grow rather than worrying about possible security breaches.

3. Easily and quickly deployed

Another fantastic benefit of Cisco Meraki is that you can access it from anywhere and get them up and running in no time. Truly, as long as the power and an internet connection are available, you can access your plugged-in Cisco Meraki products from anywhere on earth. This is very helpful for remote employees.

4. Simple Licensing model

Meraki has the simplest and more straightforward licensing model in the market. For every managed network device (think switch, access point, security appliance) you need a single Meraki Dashboard license to manage the device.

Licensing prices vary for each product line. For example, a cheaper licensing list price is $150, and the more extensive and longer-lasting licensing fee is $400.

If you are nearing the end of your current license period and are looking for a way to get the best deal possible on your upcoming fee. Consider reading these important questions.

Tips to Renew Cisco Meraki at Best Price

1. Chech with resellers

It is often hard to find better discounts out there if you are already using Cisco Meraki. However, you should absolutely research other resellers that operate in your area and even consider working with your Cisco sales representative directly to get the very best available price.

Also, search for resellers online to see if they can offer the same product and services for a lower price.

2. Think about viable and credible alternatives

Just like any salesman interaction, you cannot really expect to get a major discount unless it seems as though you may leave if you do not. For that reason, looking into alternative solutions and even going through a proof-of-concept can be incredibly beneficial to you during your Cisco contract negotiation.

3. Have you discussed receiving a standard set of discounts?

Based on your specific volumes as well as the leverage opportunities that you have in negotiations, Cisco does have access to put together a customer agreement that features consistent discounting based on each product family or bundles that are most commonly purchased and utilized by you.

Also, carry out some price benchmark analysis on every single Cisco purchase in order to make sure that the pricing and discounts are either at or below the market price.


Cisco Meraki is one of the best in the industry, however, there is no reason why you or your company should be overpaying for the service.

Hopefully, this breakdown of what Cisco Meraki is and how to save money on the product itself will help you in the next license renewal negotiation.

Good luck!

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