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Why Do We Need a Colocation Centre for Emerging Technologies?

Colocation Centre

Data centre colocation has noticeably emerged as vital support for businesses to expand, by offering services to help them centralize IT systems and enabling reliable business continuity solutions.

Experts suggest that building a mid-size highly efficient data center in power and cooling can cost significantly higher than opting for a server colocation service.

Enterprises can realize considerable cost savings by outsourcing to data centre providers who offer highly-skilled and certified experts for handling security and relative services.

The steady development of smart technologies like cloud computing, big data, and artificial intelligence is also augmenting the demand for server colocation to ensure enormous computing power and scalability.

Emerging technologies are driving businesses towards server colocation providers. A report suggests that the data centre colocation market size is estimated to reach $100bn by 2025, with a growth of 14% CAGR for 2019-2025.

It also suggests that the Asia Pacific data centre market is witnessing a surge due to an increased number of businesses looking to reduce operational and capital expenses of IT processes.

The recent rise in data traffic and the need for efficient systems to managing massive data are encouraging companies to opt for shared space for servers and storage devices, driving the data centre colocation market to grow.

Meanwhile, inventions derived from big data analytics and the Internet of Things have generated opportunities to grow new revenue streams. On-premises data centres, however, pose a threat to scaling due to various operational challenges.

Capacity Constraints

Data sets that enter and leave the data centres are often in Gigabytes and Terabytes, which affects the efficiency of traditional data centres: scaling up or scaling down isn’t easy.

To improve this issue, modern data centres enable high transmission rate for any distance. It dramatically enhances the capacity limitation of data centres.

Operational constraints

The source of data generation is rapidly expanding. Custom-built operations replace the traditional approach of managing a data centre storage manually.

The manual operations are labor-intensive, complex, slow, and prone to high-errors. In contrast, the automation of data centres enhances the accuracy and speed of the data stored.

Security Risks

Physical security has been a challenge for traditional data centres since its dawn. In modern server colocation data centres, it is easily achieved by providing layered security that offers protection against data and privacy intrusion.

Multilayer physical security aspect is essential for increased protection of the data that is in transmission.

Costs Involved

Scaling data centre operations along with interconnectivity with minimal costs, is a challenge for traditional data centres.

Server colocation centres today offer a carrier-neutral facility with adequate power backup and redundancy. It helps reduce downtime and improve efficiency at lower costs. Colocation services enable a smooth transition from CapEx (Capital Expenditure) to OpEx (Operating Expense) model.

With a colocation centre, companies don’t need to create or invest in a physical infrastructure which will further have to be maintained for a long time. It’s more convenient and cost-effective to rent rack space in a state-of-the-art colocation centre at a much lower cost.

Server Colocation for Emerging Technologies

With the wave of technological advancements and the robust requirement for state-of-the-art infrastructure across a slew of end domains, the commercialization graph of the data centre colocation industry will only serve to depict an exponential growth in the future.

Building infrastructure attributes of a server colocation centre are only a start. You can deliberate upon each aspect of colocation facilities like redundancy, cooling, power density, interconnectivity, and multilayer security to run smoothly.

STT GDC India is a reliable server colocation centre provider that has recently been awarded Frost & Sullivan Colocation Service Provider of the Year 2020.

At their colocation centres, you can connect with multiple global telecom service providers and get on-demand technical support anytime. Their state-of-the-art colocation data centres provide facilities like multilayer physical security, interconnectivity, reliability, and modular infrastructure design.

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