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How to Convert PDF to Word with PDF WIZ?

Convert PDF to Word

The PDF format is one of the most popular ones online, just like DOC or DOCX. It’s easier to share documents in the DOC format, so it makes a lot of sense to convert PDF to Word with PDF WIZ or any tool like that. It works better than you might imagine, and the results themselves can be outstanding.

It’s all a matter of perspective and bringing in the right results and value very quickly. It’s certainly worth the effort, and you will appreciate the way everything comes together. Thankfully, you can do all of that with PDF WIZ.

How can PDF WIZ help?

PDF WIZ is a free PDF conversion solution that helps you convert as well as edit PDF files as you see fit. You can easily convert PDF files to Word without any problem. It helps immensely, and it just makes things easier and more convenient without adding any pressure, to begin with.

With PDF WIZ, you have a very simple, privacy-focused solution that helps you access the PDF conversion tools you need very easily. Handling and managing a PDF file has never been easier, and the results you get are excellent. It’s interesting how it all blends, and the quality itself is among some of the best.

Steps to help you convert PDF to Word with PDF WIZ

  • The first thing you need to do is to download and install, then launch PDF WIZ
  • Once you did that, you will need to add a file on the “convert PDF to” option. You can add the PDF file via Add File, or you can drag and drop the PDF file without a problem.
  • Choose the Converted To option as Word, as that’s the format you need. Keep in mind that you can choose between Doc or Docx. You can also opt between format or editability first, based on your needs. You can also choose to convert to a specific directory.
  • After you added the file, click All under the Sel Page as here you can select the pages you want from the PDF file. Then you can click on OK. 
  • Press the Convert button to start the conversion process. Keep in mind that you can press Open after the status bar fills to 100% so you can open the file directly. Or you can click under Location and open up the folder. 


PDF WIZ is an excellent PDF conversion tool, and it brings you lots of features you can use to convert files very quickly. If you want to convert any PDF file to a Microsoft Office format, then PDF WIZ can work just nicely, and it will bring you the convenience and quality you need.

PDF WIZ works well, it’s fully customizable, and it pushes the experience to new heights very quickly. All you have to do is to download and use PDF WIZ today, and you will have no problem creating a Word document from any PDF!

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