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4 Creative Ideas to Use Instagram Polls for Your Business

Are you looking for ways to stop potential customers from swiping past your Stories? Want to leverage your Instagram Stories marketing effort?

Instagram polls are the solution you’ve been searching for.

In this article, you’ll discover how to create compelling Instagram polls to engage your followers that can lead them to convert.

Instagram Polls: How Significant Is It for Your Business?

As a feature on Instagram Stories, the polls help you create more compelling stories so you can engage with your audience and grab their attention much easier.

Nevertheless, Instagram polls are more than “Stories’ decorations.” There’s still so much more your business can gain from this feature. 

Here are some perks of using Instagram polls for your business:

Get to Know Your Audience Better

Instagram polls prompt you to ask questions to your audience and provide them with a few choices. Since it presents direct answers from your followers, the surveys help you to get to know them better. In this matter, there’s no better way to check what kind of content they want to see more of.

Boost Engagement

Considering that Instagram polls provide more personable content, it’s a powerful tool to increase interaction with your audience. The more interaction you develop with them, the more engagement you’re likely to receive. That’s why the polls make it easier for you to stay top-of-mind with the audience.  

Instant Feedback

The bottom line is that the polls will allow you to get direct feedback, which is helpful for your business to grow. It influences you to decide some major business-related decisions for better Instagram marketing campaigns. That way, you can continually improve your business and continuously create customer-oriented content.

4 Creative Ways to Use Instagram Polls to Engage Customers

As 500 million users look at the Instagram Stories on their day-to-day basis. It comes as no surprise if brands have taken such a liking to market on the feature– so should yours.

With this craze on Stories, you can get your business off the ground by sparking your creative genius with Instagram polls feature. And since the polls are all about actively engaging the followers. It can be your potent tool to convert them into loyal customers. 

Here are four unique ways to create your Instagram polls much more interesting:

1. New Product Excitement

If you just launched new products or items, Instagram polls can be an excellent medium. To introduce it to your audience and let them vote which one they like the most.

It means keeping them engaged with the culture of your brand and the visual cues– mostly models and colours that you offer to your potential consumers. In this matter, your followers or audiences are not just aware that your new product exists, but they’re also thinking about it.

To get more insights, look at how IKEA introduces its upcoming sale on their kitchen lines:

IKEA introduces its upcoming sale on their kitchen lines
Image source:

IKEA makes its followers feel like an insider when they aren’t blasted with impersonal advertisements but instead is asked to vote between white and black colour for its new kitchen cabinet lines.

Pro Tip: Give a little caption to give your followers more details about your post, so it doesn’t appear unambiguously to the audience.

2. Fun Quiz

Ultimately, Instagram polls aren’t supposed to be too “sales.” It’s a chance to have fun with your followers by posting some laid-back, easy content: fun quizzes.

Creating quizzes for your followers allows for an enormous amount of flexibility. You can choose to ask questions related to your brand or general knowledge trivia.

As a meal-kit company, HelloFresh USA created meal-related quizzes regularly to go back-and-forth with their followers. Later in their next Stories, they post the answer to let the followers know how they did.

HelloFresh USA created meal-related quizzes
Image source:

This simple, interesting quiz has helped HelloFresh to build its Instagram presence and entice its followers to keep coming back to its profile just to participate.

Pro Tip: Creating a relevant quiz that aligns with your other posts and your brand identity helps you to promote your brand’s presence outside of your product offerings. Also, make sure you’re not discouraging your followers from participating by giving them high-level questions.

3. Consumer Trends & Insights Tracker

Instagram polls make it easier for you to gather particular insights from your followers’ preferences. These insights can influence your marketing campaign efforts.

You can use the polls to inform your decisions about what kind of product or content will be attractive to your followers. It works as your market-research tool.

By all means, you’ll know which one of your products that are getting the hype but not too off the beaten track from your current customer base.

Look at how a shoe brand M.Gemi introduce its newest product and ask the followers’ opinions about it:

M.Gemi introduce its newest product
Image source:

M.Gemi introduces the latest sample for their product and asks its followers how they should customize it before they launch it. From the vote, the sample doesn’t quite satisfy most of the audience. That way, the company can tailor the product better to meet its consumer desires. 

Pro Tip: To attract more participants, you can also use the emoji slider sticker features instead of simply picking between the two options. Your followers will drag up or down the scale based on their preference. You can check in on how each audience responded as well as see the overall average of all responses.

Attract more participants
Image source:

4. Website Attraction

As Instagram allows you to insert links to the Stories, it’s now easier for you to drive traffic to your website using the polls.

Now you can create a poll that includes a link to your website, which your viewers can access by swiping up the frame. But the caveat is that you have to have over 10,000 followers or a verified account to get this link feature.

Once you entice your followers with compelling polls, they’ll visit your website or even purchase your latest offering without having to leave the app or jump through hoops.

Chewy, a pet food company, uses the polls to drive the followers to visit their website:

Chewy a pet food company, uses the instagram polls
Image source:

With the polls, Chewy tempts the audience by asking about their dog’s favourite summer activities. Then, Chewy convinces them to read more about the exciting summer activities for their dogs, making the audience swipes in no time to get to its website.

Pro Tip: If you want to drive traffic to your website, merely adding a direct link isn’t enough. Make sure you make the “See More” link visible by emphasizing it with the highlighter or pen tools. Besides, you can also add text and write something like, “swipe up to see more” to make sure your followers see it.

Start Your Polls Now

You can use Instagram polls in creative ways to spice up your Stories. It allows you to let your creative-self run free and provides greater engagement for your content.

It also tempts the followers to keep coming back to your profile, develop more personal relationships with new and existing customers, earn you new followers, and even drive more traffic to your website.

Not to mention that it presents the overriding interests of the majority, not only the individual interests of a particular audience. That is what makes it a potent marketing tool for your business. 

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