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Design Matters: The Importance of a Responsive Website Design Layout

Till about a couple of years back, accessing a really smart and well-made website would leave us, as users, quite impressed. From loading problems to scrolling issues, there would be endless hitches that one would encounter when browsing a standard website online. Today, most websites follow the principle of responsiveness to enhance the end-user experience.

What is a responsive website?

In today’s world, the meaning that is relevant for a responsive site is about the flexibility of the site in terms of its design and layout. Since the millennial crowd no longer accesses websites from a personal computer terminal, it became crucial that brands invest and use advanced coding and designing concepts to help the site adjust as per the screen size.

Simply put, it means that when you access and browse a site from your smartphone, tablet, laptop or computer monitor, your experience will be the same – the site will automatically scale the content and the layout to fit with the screen size.

Why use a responsive website design layout?

A responsive website enables a better end-user browsing experience. This today is important for the brand image of the company.  Here are four reasons why marketers need to use the responsive design layout for their brand websites:

1) Helps in portraying a user-friendly image of your brand

It is essential to understand here that responsive design and layout delivers an enjoyable browsing experience to the user of the site. An improved user experience today is something that brands are always trying to fulfill because this directly impacts sales and conversions.

Hence, if your brand wants its customers, visitors and potential buyers/clients to have an incredible and awesome experience on your website, you would certainly go in for responsive designing. Also, remember that sites that come with this flexibility are held in high esteem by the user. So, it affects your brand credibility online, in a way!

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2) It is a cost-effective solution

As a brand and a marketer, you know for sure that your website will be accessed and browsed by people on various devices. This means that you need to spend separately on designing websites for mobile and non-mobile devices.

This, in turn, means higher expenses. Responsive designing helps minimize your expense because it uses a single site to deliver the same message and appeal on different devices. No more maintaining two different websites which also means that in case of any changes required, it needs to be done at one single point.

3) Makes your site Google search engine friendly

Besides making your site user-friendly, the responsive website design service and layout make your site crawler friendly too. This is because the Google algorithm gives more preference to sites that are mobile device friendly. Using a responsive layout helps better your SEO strategy.

4) Responsive designs can be managed easily

Hiring a website designer every time to make changes to your website may not sound quite sensible and can prove to be a costly affair for small businesses. Responsive designing is easy to manage where the business owner or his employee with limited technical knowledge can tweak and make desired changes to the site.

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