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Duplicate Image Finder Helps You with the Duplicate Pics

Duplicate Image Finder

Duplicate files have always been a cause of worry for users as it not only consumes valuable device resources, but it also affects device performance negatively. You may find abundant of these identical files stored on your device storage unnecessarily.

Here, you may find these duplicate files in different forms like identical photos, videos, music & audio files, documents, and more. Out of total duplicate files on your system, duplicate photos share the largest part in it. These file copies may accumulate due to various reasons. For instance, when you download the same copy of a file, someone shares the same file again with you, or you take data backup.

When you have tons of these files accumulated on your system, it becomes complicated to get rid of it manually. Thus, when you can’t rely on manual cleaning due to time and efforts it consumes, then the best solution you left with is to use best duplicate photos cleaner tools. While there is numerous duplicate image finder software available online here, we have reviewed the best similar photos finder software solution for you.

Use Duplicate Photos Fixer: Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro is the best duplicate image finder works tirelessly to help you deep clean your system storage. It offers tons of useful features, let’s discuss some of them here.

Multiple Scan Options: App offers multiple scan options. It helps you scan specific folders or scan whole system storage. Here, you get a chance to select from specific photos folders or group of photos. With multiple scan options, you can refine your search process for instant and accurate results.

Set Matching Level of Photos: With the matching level option, you get an option to find, detect and remove both similar match and exact match image files on your system. Here, you can set it from low to high to refine your scan process.

Other Comparison Methods: To help you remove similar images, the app also offers multiple other comparison methods. It includes options like setting GPS location to exclude GPS location up to 100 meters from scanning results and set Bitmap size (to set thumbnail size). You can also use one of these comparison methods to set a time interval to exclude selected time from duplicate results.

Quick scan process: Working on powerful scan engines, the app helps you scan, detect, and remove identical image files even from the darkest corners of your device storage. Duplicate image finder smart algorithms match duplicate image files based on multiple attributes and deliver effective results.

Accurate scan results: Once the app completes scanning your device storage, it allows you to automatically or manually mark the files for deletion. It gives you the flexibility to keep your important files untouched when manually selected.

Clear Cache: In addition to working as a powerful duplicate photo cleaner tool, it also helps you clean cache on your PC.

Preview: App offers a preview option where you can see the file size, images resolution, and path of the file for a better decision. You can view files before you delete them to avoid deletion of important files.

Multi-lingual support: App supports multiple language options so that users around the world can easily use the app and de-duplicate their photo collection.

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Benefits of Duplicate Photos Fixer

  • Duplicate image finder offers multiple scan options to help you refine your search process.
  • Works automatically to save your time and reduce manual efforts.
  • It helps you organize your photo collection and save storage space.

How does it work?

Step 1

Select Photos: To start the scan process, you need to select photos folder or group of photos. Alternatively, simply drag & drop image files to scan area for smooth scanning.

Step 2

Set the comparison method: Next is to set the comparison method. It includes setting matching level (from low to high), setting time interval to exclude duplicate images from set time interval, set bitmap size to define thumbnail size, and set GPS location that helps you exclude scanning image files from set GPS limits.

Step 3

Scan duplicate photos: Now when you have set the comparison methods, simply click on “Scan for Duplicates” button to start scanning process in duplicate image finder

Step 4

Delete Duplicates: After completing the scan process in duplicate photo finder , the app allows you to mark files manually or automatically for deletion. Selecting files automatically will help you save your time as it will automatically select all poor-quality files for deletion and save one fine copy for your storage. In the manual selection you get an option to exclude any file from a deletion that you find the best to keep. Once the files are selected for deletion, simply press “Delete Marked” option.

The verdict of the app

Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro offers the easiest & safest mode to help you de-duplicate photo collection on your Windows system. Duplicate Image Finder offers tons of useful features to help you deep clean your photo library. You can use this powerful tool to recover valuable disk space and speed up system performance. This smart similar image finder tool is also available for Mac, Android, and iOS devices.

Metadata: Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro offers the easiest & safest mode to help you de-duplicate photo collection on your Windows system. Let’s discuss more Duplicate image finder tool in this review.

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