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How to Manage Passwords in Chrome

Manage Passwords in Chrome

Chrome is one of the best browsers that offers tons of useful features to make the user experience seamless. If you are a long-time Chrome user, then you must have explored almost all the amazing features it has to offer.

Despite that, there is one feature that remains hidden from most users that is the ability to edit, remove, and save passwords for your different accounts while working on a Chrome browser.

If you have never heard about it before then it is a built-in feature that comes under Settings in the Chrome browser.

It allows you to edit, remove, or manage passwords in Chrome for your different accounts. In this article, we have discussed more on how you can edit, manage, or remove passwords effortlessly.

Managing Passwords in Chrome

To access and manage passwords on Chrome, follow these steps:

Open Chrome browser.

Click on three vertical dots in the upper-right corner and select Settings from here.

Now expand Passwords option under Autofill.

It will take you to the next window. Here, you will find multiple options to view and manage your passwords under Google Password Manager.

In the first option, you can allow Chrome to offer to save passwords. To do this, you can toggle on or off this feature.

The second option, allows you to manage the auto sign-in option. By enabling this feature, you allow Chrome to automatically log-in to the websites for which you have saved login credentials. You can disable this feature, in case you want Chrome to ask for confirmation every time before signing in to a website.

Next option allows you to view and manage saved passwords in your Google Account. Here, you can view, change, or remove passwords you saved in your Google Account.

You can click on three vertical dots in front of Saved Passwords to export passwords. Once you click on this option it will ask you to submit your Windows credentials to export Chrome passwords list to selected location on your system.

You can click on three vertical dots in front of stored password to view & edit details of the password. You can also remove it if needed.

Once you click on Details option, it will display a new pop-up window. Here, it will display website name, username, and password details. To view password, you need to log in with your Windows password.

You can click on Remove option to remove the stored information.

You can click on last option “Never Saved” to edit multiple settings of your Google account.

Here, it will open a new window allowing you to view, edit, and manage privacy & personalization features, security checkup, account storage, and privacy checkup.

So, this was a quick review of how you can manage and keep your passwords safe in Chrome.

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