How to count lines in a document using an online line counter tool?

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Consider that you have to create a document that does not go beyond 200 lines. As there is a restriction on the maximum number of lines, you would have to keep a check on the count every now and then. Manually counting the number of lines can be time-consuming as well as exhausting. In the present time, top-notch tools are available for each and every task. Hence, there is no point in counting lines manually and distorting the writing process. Even if you have copied text from a source and need to count the number of lines, using Prepostseo line counter tool is the best way out.

Potential users of Prepostseo line counter tool

Anyone who is dealing with written text in one way or the other is a potential users of the line counter tool. Some of the users are mentioned below.

Students working on educational submissions

Students work on assignments and they have to keep a check on the word count at all times. For instance, if the total word count permissible is 5000 words, the word limit cannot be more than that. Apart from the count of words, students also have to check the number of lines on each page. One way is to count the lines manually but this option consumes long time frames. It becomes hard for students to count the lines manually while working on an assignment. In such cases, the line counter tool comes in handy. For each page, you can determine the number of lines it has.

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While working on an assignment, counting the number of lines may result in a slip of concentration. There is no need to make so much effort when a tool can accomplish the same task in an easier and more convenient manner.

  • For students, meeting deadlines for assignments is a high priority task. Skipping a deadline has a negative impact on the grade awarded. Thus, students have to make sure that the assignment deadline is not skipped. Using the line counter tool helps in saving time. While using it, students do not have to count the lines manually.

Corporate Professionals

Corporate professionals have to make documents every now and then. For most documents, there is a limit on the word count and number of lines. To ensure that the maximum limit is not being crossed, students have to check the line count every now and then. Using a line counter is the easiest possible option. It simply eliminates the need of manual counting. At any point of time, if you want to check the word count on a particular page or in a content section, simply use the line counter tool to save time and energy.

Usage Procedure of Prepostseo line counter tool

No one has the time to go through lengthy procedures while using a tool. In addition to that, users avoid tools with complicated features. The line counter tool is very simple to use. Here are the key steps which users have to complete.

  • Users have to start by opening the link to the tool. When the link is opened, you would see a text box. This text box is for pasting the text for which the number of lines has to be checked. For instance, if you want to check the word count of your assignment, use this tool and get to know about the words on each page.
  • Once the content has been posted in the text box of the tool, you can proceed to the checking stage. The tool would identify the number of lines present in the piece of content. A major benefit of this tool is complete accuracy. If a particular page has twenty lines, you can be sure that the tool would determine the correct count. Accurate results are needed when you need the count of lines on a particular page. If you are using a quality line counter tool, be rest assured that the calculated count would be correct.

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Core benefits of the line counter tool

A tool should only be used if it has an easy interface and fulfills the purpose which the user is looking for. The line counter tool is an incredible option for users. It has several benefits. Some of them are mentioned below.

Accurate count of lines

Accuracy is one of the many benefits that online tools offer. Let us take the example of a line checker tool. If you are using a tool for this purpose, you would get the correct count of lines. The possibility of getting correct results decreases when you are not using a tool.  A quality line counter obviously produces the correct results.

Save your time for more productive usage

Is counting the lines manually the best way to get the count? The answer to this question is no. Manual counting is a time consuming option. If you have to count the number of lines on two pages, you would have to take several minutes to complete this task. Secondly, as you are counting the lines manually, you would have to perform a recheck to ensure that no mistakes have been made. This obviously means spending more time. Thus, in a nutshell, line counter tools help in saving energy and produce accurate counts for the user.


Why do you need to perform a task manually when there are automated tools for the same purpose? The line counter tool is used to check the number of lines on one page or in a particular section of text. The biggest advantage of this tool is that it saves time. Line counter tools take few minutes to determine the line count on a particular page. If you aim at performing the same task without using the tool, a lot more time would be needed.

Counting lines on a page without using a line counter tool is not intelligent thinking. The time being used to count the number of lines on a page can be used for better purposes.

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