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Facebook Ads remains one of the Best options for Marketing Strategies

 More and more companies are questioning the effectiveness of Facebook as the basis of its marketing strategy in social networks, this is due to the fact that in 2015 there was a significant reduction in the scope of the corporate pages of Facebook.

As a company, we must bear in mind that 50% of the population is connected to the Internet, and of these, 34% are active on social networks. These figures tell us that for our marketing strategy to be effective it is necessary to be present in social networks, including Facebook.

Why advertise on Facebook?

Although we do not believe it, the truth is that advertising on Facebook can offer us many advantages over other media or social networks. This is due to the fact that on Facebook we can define our target audience in order to direct ourselves to it, capture their attention and obtain conversions.

Facebook has more than twice as many users as WhatsApp and has a higher penetration of digital audience compared to the participation ratio. 

According to 69% of social network marketers, Facebook is the platform that offers the best ROI of all. In this way, if we want to gain notoriety and reach a greater number of clients, we must be present in this platform.

To advertise on Facebook we just have to be clear about our goal and create an ad that attracts the attention of our target, also, thanks to this social network we can select the audience to which we want to direct our advertising.

At the time of choosing the type of ad we have several options, we must choose one or the other depending on which is our target audience or the product/service that we want to advertise. 

The ad can be an image with text, video, slides (Facebook slideshow ads), carousel (Facebook carousel ads) or collections of products (Facebook Collection ads).

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Some interesting facts

If we are not satisfied with the performance of your ads on Facebook, we can always create new ones, without having to pay more or make new investments. 

In these cases, we must adjust the content of our ads to our objectives in a clear and simple way so that the message we want to transmit reaches our users.

For the Facebook ad to connect our audience with the website of our business, it is important to use the “call to action” buttons. This will increase the traffic of users of our website.

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