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GetIntoPc: Free Software Downloader? How Safe is GetIntoPc?

In this article, we will let you know what exactly GetintoPc is, How to download software from GetintoPc, and Is it safe or not. Read the full article for a better understanding.

What is GetIntoPc?

We often need new software for projects and office works, and buying the paid version of the expensive software for single-time use is not worth buying. So one can use GetIntoPC in such a situation.

GetIntoPC is one of the best platform that allows users to download preferred software’s cracked version without paying a single penny.

Many people have concerns before downloading software from “GetIntoPC.” So in this article, we will also clear all the concerns related to “GetIntoPc.” is it safe?

As a fact, we all know that all the free things are not safe to use. I guarantee that most of the websites that offer free cracked apps & software have copyright content and virus.

The pirated site usually has lots of traffic, and in them, some hackers are waiting for you. They can easily hack your device when you download software from this website.

We cannot do anything if some malware gets into our device because this site asks to disable the antivirus and windows defender to download the software. So in terms of viruses and malware safety, this website is unsafe to download.

How to Download Software from “GetIntoPc”?

50% of the people don’t know how to download the cracked software from GetIntoPc. I will mention the whole process, which will make you easy to download the software.

  • Visit “” to download the cracked software.
  • Search your desired software in the search button.
  • Now just click on the software heading to proceed to download.
  • An article with all the information about the software is opened.
  • In the middle of the article, you will see a download button with a passcode. Just click on the download button, you will be redirected to the next page.
  • All you have to do is just wait for a few seconds for the installation to start automatically.

It is not sure you will get your desired software on this website as this website doesn’t list the cracked software; third party websites register their software in the form of a blog on this website.

Categories available in GetIntoPC

There are lots of software categories available in “GetIntoPc.” So before visiting this site, you must know about this site. It is because you must be clear about the software category you are searching for is available or not. So we decided to make this easy for you as we will clear you all the types.

  • Graphic Designing: If you want to download the software related to photo editing, you can directly visit the graphic designing category.
  • Software Categories: All the official software you want will be in these categories. There are many subcategories inside the software category. 
  • Operating System: ISO files of Windows are available in this category.
  • 3D CAD: Almost all the expensive 3D designing software is available in this category.
  • Multimedia: Cracked versions of the multimedia software are there in this category to download for free.
  • Development: Software like “AutoSQL” is readily available here.
  • Education: Important paid software for the students
  • Antivirus: Almost all the antivirus software are found here.

“GetIntoPc” legal or not?

This is the most significant concern users have on “Getintopc”. Well, in simple words, according to us, GetIntoPc is an illegal site. All the software listed in GetintoPc are illegal. All the cracked software comes with piracy and copyright infringement.

As per the Government guideline and Copyright Act of most countries, it is clear that users who support, download, and visit copyright websites or content can be jailed for 6 months and fined thousands of dollars.

Pros and cons of GetIntoPc

Everything in this world has pros and cons, whether they are safe or not and legal or illegal. So “GetIntoPc” has the same thing which we want to cover below in a few words.

Pros of GetIntoPc

  • Almost all the cracked versions of abundant software and apps are available on this site.
  • The software and files on this site are free to use and download.
  • All the software available on GetIntoPc offers all the premium features.
  • This website’s server is so fast—all the software downloads in a few seconds.
  • GetIntoPc never asks for credentials like credit card details or passwords.
  • Anyone can download software easily with the help of a search bar.

Cons of GetIntoPc

  • GetIntoPc might have viruses and malware, which can harm your system and also hack your device.
  • According to Government guidelines of most countries, it is an illegal website and violates the Copyright Act.
  • Sometimes we don’t get the desired software.
  • The software listed in “GetIntoPc” are corrupted and doesn’t work.
  • Some of the listed software is only for testing, and we cannot download these into our device.


I hope this article has been beneficial for you to decide the better decision. All these words were for educational purposes. We never support or do marketing of the copyright contents.

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Nice describe

Pati February 7, 2022 at 12:22 am

How possible is it for the copyright owners of the content uploaded on getintopc to sue the owner of that site?


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