Best Growth Hacking Techniques To Boost Conversions

Growth hacking refers to experimenting with different marketing tactics, advertising efforts, web design decisions, and other tasks to convert leads and generate sales. In this article we have listed the 12 Best Growth Hacking techniques to Boost Conversions.

1) Promote Your Brand

The first hack for growth is a commitment to promote your brand. Promotion of your brand can be in so many ways.

It might seem intimidating to you to pitch your content to the people you admire, but since you are the one who exactly knows what you do and what your services are. Your confidence to promote your brand will somehow be noticed by the influencers, and thus you are more likely to catch the attention of prospects. 

A good idea to do free publicity of your brand is to everywhere. By everywhere, I mean here is to be in the circle of established influencers. 

Keep checking out communities and online forums where you can promote your business identity. Post helpful information actively. By helping others, you gain their trust. And, trust comes earlier than sales. 

2) Partner with another company to share audiences

To increase your audience, a partnership is an unmatchable way to give a boost to your growth. If your audience ranges from 5000 and another company has the same number of followers, then you both can double it by shaking hands with each other. 

A partnership doesn’t mean that you have to deal with a direct competitor, but you can do it with a complementing brand. For example, if you are a seller of tea, partnership with a milk brand. Similarly, find someone who compliments your brand. 

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3) Giveaway for free

Giving away free gifts is one of the most traditional and effective ways of selling your product. It is a tried and tested way to catch people’s attention. 

A good option to consider is a well-advertised social media campaign to give away free gifts. Another way to give free gifts is to offer something free with the purchase of a new product. 

4) Change up your landing page layout

Your landing page should be captivating enough for your audience to stay and have a look at your services and products. Think about making your landing page in a way that it is enticing for the viewers. Think of the things that would convince you to convert if you were the customer?

You can do so many things to make your landing page exciting. For instance, you can create a series of questions about your audience habits or preference to help determine what type of product will be best for them.

5) Invite your audience to email you

It is a great idea to open ways of communication for your audience. Using the tradition email marketing technique in conjunction with the advance way of welcoming your potential customers is an effective way of the opening line of communication for your audience. 

6) Attend local events

To be a true growth hacker, you have to avail every opportunity that might lead to your goal. Besides online promotions, you have to be active offline too. if you find any small event happening around you, you can get a stall for your products display. 

Meeting people directly, sharing words with them, and asking them about their preferences can represent your company as a better solution than an unidentified company.

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7) Get interactive

Nowadays, interactive content has been all around us. From blogs, quizzes, infographics, and animations, people love to interact with engaging content online. 

You do not necessarily need to hire someone to do a content job for you. You can rather use freelancing services to get your job done. There are a number of websites which offer professional freelance services for people like you. Check out to the reviews. Take interview of the potential hires, and start working.

8) Issue a challenge

A positive relationship with your audience can be built by issuing a challenge. It has the potential to boost your credibility in the market.  The challenge can be related to a charitable cause, a personal growth goal, or a creative attempt.

However, the idea is to make it something that is specific to a selected number of people which is no available to everyone. You can invite people to apply to your challenge instead of joining it.

9) Broadcast your personality

If you have a persuasive personality, you can use it to your benefit. Become a bright face of your brand and inspire others.

10) Offer a Freemium Option

If you belong to a software company or offer a mobile app service for your product or service, you can offer a freemium model. Once your audience sees that they can benefit from your product, they will definitely want more of it. Some people might never convert into paid users, but you can focus on the on-boarding process.

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11) Build a useful tool for free

Growth marketers know the amazing benefits of free tools. Free tools are an efficient way to create tons of traffic to your website. In a similar fashion, you can create a free service at your store, to bring traffic to your online or physical shop. When people visit the avail the free tool, they get aware of your product or service and are likely to buy from you. 

12) Recreate your content

Many business owners say that they don’t have time to generate good content. They should rather consider reusing the content they have done. 

What is being shared and gets shared and quoted consistently by the masses?

Take a look at your old content and think about how you can reuse it. What you need to do is to create a piece of brilliant marketing effort and use it in different ways. You can create an infographic out of a blog and a blog out of customer testimonials and reviews. So, great content can be shaped in different ways to entice to different types of consumers.

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