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4 High Rewarding Facebook Ad Formats That You Must Try in 2021

High Rewarding Facebook Ad Formats

Every marketer knows about Facebook’s potential for bridging the gap between customers and businesses. It’s a widely known fact that Facebook ads help businesses reach the right prospects, providing them chances to sell and promote more with less effort and money.

But does it mean that all types of Facebook ads reap similar results? Even though it depends a lot on the way you optimize them, there are a few ad formats that yield higher profits than others.

And in this post, we are talking about those ad formats. So, buckle up and read about four high rewarding Facebook ad formats that you must try in 2021.

1) App Engagement Ads

If you are promoting your business or website’s App, the app engagement ad format is one of your best bets.

How do they work?

You too might have come across app ads in which the ads generate activity within the app among your current users, or highlight some app features before asking new users to download.

For a better understanding, here’s a screenshot of one such app engagement ad.

Now, while this ad format can be used to target both new and existing users, the idea is to have a call-to-action and showcase attractive features that encourage activity within the app — not just installation.

2) Brand Awareness

The other type of highly rewarding ad is brand awareness ads. However many marketers argue that these ads don’t make for a straightforward method for boosting conversions. Yes, that can be true. But does that mean they aren’t effective in the long run?

Brand awareness ads can work wonders for your brand when the long-term benefits are considered.

Basically, these ads don’t cost a fortune. So, you wouldn’t particularly have to shell hefty dollar bills. The prize that you get? Seamless opportunities to showcase your brand to your prospects, so when they see your brand’s name for the second time, they can recognize you and are more prone to taking action against your future campaigns.

3) Click-to-Messenger Ads

Another addition to this list is the messenger ad format that can kindle interaction like anything. With a smartly designed click-to-messenger ad copy you can get nearly three times more prospects to complete the purchase by using this feature for:

  • Connecting and conversing with your audience
  • Streamlining your customers’ journeys
  • Generating more leads

And what you need to do? Well, to start with, you will have first to guide prospects to your Messenger inbox. The click-to-messenger ad format lets you drive prospects directly to your inbox.

After that, the deal entirely relies on the conversation that you have with the prospects. So, make sure it’s well planned.

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4) Store Visit Facebook Ads

Another winning ad format on Facebook is the one that uses geotargeting to encourage store visits.

The way these ads work ⁠— your prospect’s location is used (as they allow Facebook to access their location) to find out when they are near your store and based on their various preferences, if their interests match with those of your store, your ads can appear in their feed.

One of the most effective CTAs for this type of ad says “Get Directions”. For a better understanding, here’s an example.


Yes, Facebook ads pay well. Yes, microtargeting is great. Yes, the world is investing in them. But yes, not all formats reward similarly.

Elaborating on the same, in this post we wrote about 4 high rewarding Facebook ad formats that you must try in 2021.

Hopefully, this was helpful.

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