Host IT Smart Review: Best Web Hosting for Small Business

Web hosting has a huge impact on the success of your virtual business and so does the decision to choose the right hosting providers.

So, I am here to review one of the comparatively newer web hosting service providers – Host IT Smart. The Host IT Smart claims to have something for everyone! Let’s see how true are these claims!

About Host IT Smart

Established in 2012, Host IT Smart has its roots in a web development company that offers website design and development services worldwide.

As a web hosting company, Host IT Smart claims to have grown to become one of the top & cheap web hosting service providers with more than 5000 happy clients globally.

Host IT Smart offers comprehensive web hosting, domain, and server maintenance services. Let’s check out what you get under these categories;

Web Hosting:

You can get various hosting options, including;

  • Linux Hosting
  • Windows Hosting
  • WordPress Hosting
  • Java Hosting


You can get all domain related services. For example;

  • Domain Registration
  • Domain Search
  • Transfer
  • Buy a New Extension


You can choose a server based on your requirement or as suggested by your hosting provider. Here is a list of server, you can choose from;

  • Shared Hosting Server
  • VPS Hosting Server
  • Dedicated Server

These are the basic things I thought you should know about the company. Moving on to the more important part that you might be excited to know about.

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Host IT Smart for Small Businesses

To understand whether its hosting service is a yay or nay, you need to understand what products, services, and plans the company provides and how much they charge. So, let’s understand them one-by-one in detail.

Budget-Friendly Plans

Host IT Smart offers budget-friendly plans for VPS and dedicated server hosting. However, if you are a startup and looking, to begin with, an entry-level website, then shared hosting can be the best option for you.

The company offers custom shared hosting plans for Linux and Window Hosting. Let’s understand the plans through this table.

Linux Web HostingWindows Hosting
StarterUnlimited Webspace (SSD)Unlimited BandwidthFREE SSL Certificate1 Website1 Subdomain2 MYSQL SpaceUnlimited Email IDsStarter250 MB Webspace (SSD)50 GB BandwidthFREE SSL Certificate1 Website1 Subdomain1 MSSQL/MYSQL Space25 E-Mail IDs
PerformanceUnlimited Webspace (SSD)Unlimited BandwidthFREE SSL Certificate5 WebsitesUnlimited Subdomains10 MYSQL SpaceUnlimited Email IDsPerformanceUnlimited Webspace (SSD)Unlimited BandwidthFREE SSL Certificate5 WebsitesUnlimited Subdomains10 MSSQL/MYSQL SpaceUnlimited Email IDs
BusinessUnlimited Webspace (SSD)Unlimited BandwidthFREE SSL CertificateUnlimited WebsitesUnlimited SubdomainsUnlimited DatabaseUnlimited Email IDsBusinessUnlimited Webspace (SSD)Unlimited BandwidthFREE SSL CertificateUnlimited WebsitesUnlimited Subdomains20 MSSQL/MYSQL SpaceUnlimited Email IDs

These are the plans you can choose on a monthly and yearly basis. If you are sure about the plans, then I would suggest you go for longer plans as you will get cheaper web hosting services.

Here’s the TAKE;

The company offers 20% discounts for Shared Hosting which will save some handsome bucks on any plan you choose. 


  • To avail the discount, you need to apply the coupon code (HOSTITSMART-20) while checking out.
  • The discount offer is applicable on yearly & biennially plans only.
  • The price given here is for “performance plan”. The price will vary based on the plan you select.

How can you Save More on Web Hosting Plans

One of the best parts of this company is it offers cost-effective web hosting services. Here’s how you can save more on plans;

If you want to begin with the entry-level web hosting, then shared hosting is a good option. At the same time, make sure to choose plans after inspecting them thoroughly;

For example:

If you choose Linux Hosting Monthly Plan, then the cost will be as follows;


As you can see, if you choose a 6-month Linux Web Hosting plan, then you have to pay just ₹130/ month.

However, I believe the need to reconsider its performance and business plan, though they are extremely cheaper as compared to other web hosting service providers. Moreover, what attracts the most is you get a FREE SSL certificate in every plan you choose.

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Shared Hosting Features of Host IT Smart

Generally, companies offer a wide range of features when you go for inquiry, but most of them are shown on the paper only, you get nothing on the ground. But Host IT Smart fulfils its commitment when it comes to the features. Let’s take a look at the Shared Hosting features that the company offers;

  1. cPanel: Feature-rich cPanel so that you manage your application without facing any issue.
  2. 24×7 Technical Support: A team expert will be available to assist you with any needs anytime.
  3. Infrastructure: State of the art infrastructure to ensure there is no or the minimal possibility of technical failure.
  4. Unlimited Bandwidth: Higher bandwidth ensures your website effectively serves all your users and smoothly functions during higher traffic.
  5. Free Malware Scanning: The service provider will keep scanning your website for malware so you get no threat of security breach.
  6. Unlimited Emails: Create as many emails as you need, it’s free.
  7. 99.99% Uptime Guarantee: You get a 99.99% uptime guarantee for your website from the company which covers the server availability and all network components.
  8. Unlimited Disk Space: You need not worry about how much space you need for your website as it is free with Host IT Smart.
  9. Unlimited Domains: Create as many domains as you need at no additional charge for creating new domains.
  10. Provide Privacy Tools: You get all privacy tools to protect the data and privacy of customers.
  11. Provides 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee: If you, for any reason, are not happy with the services and products, you get a 30-day money-back guarantee policy.

Note: Money-Back Guarantee is applicable to Shared Hosting Plans only. 

Excellent for VPS Hosting

One of the reasons I chose to review this web hosting company is its Cheap VPS hosting in India and I believe, small businesses need such hosts for their website to stay competitive and profitable in the long run.

As I have mentioned already that the company has something for everyone. So, if you have grown and want to upgrade your hosting platform to VPS from the Shared one, then you get exciting benefits here.

Host IT Smart offers fast, secure, and reliable VPS hosting services starting at ₹300/mo* only.

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Here’s what you get in addition to this plan;

  • Robust Security: VPS hosting comes enabled with agile security layers that provide secure and encrypted data transaction. 
  • High Uptime Guarantee: The web hosting company ensures that your website is up and functional for 99.9%. That’s ideal for your business website.
  • Round the Clock Assistance: The one thing that every website owner looks for the first is instant and round-the-clock customer support, but very few say to get them as promised. But, you will not be disappointed here for that. You get instant support 24/7. That’s guaranteed.

Final Thoughts 

When it comes to a web hosting provider, anyone can suggest some bigger names in the industry, but going with that suggestion without taking a proper inquiry can cause you serious problems in the future.

The same thing applies here. I have reviewed this company from my perspective and what I thought would be beneficial for small businesses. However, it is important to conduct proper research before taking a final call.

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