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How to Attract More Viewers on Twitch


One of the most important things on Twitch is gaining followers. A lot of people believe it’s a difficult task, but if you want to get Twitch viewers and grow your live audience, there are techniques and ideas you can use to accelerate your growth.

The live streaming platform is easier than most people think, and for you to break through, you must put in a little effort. The following are some strategies you can try to grow your Twitch channel.

1. Look at Your Competition

There are a lot of channels that resemble yours or the type you would want to start on the platform. You will do well in gathering your information from these channels.

When anyone logs onto Twitch, they encounter channels and streaming platforms they enjoy. The better and more precise the advice they receive, the more time they spend on those streams.

Therefore, making a strong first impression on any possible viewers is crucial. Even if you’re playing the same games as your rivals, it will benefit you much if you can think of a distinctive approach to promoting yourself.

2. Ensure Your Audio Quality Is Good

On Twitch, the audio quality is more important than the video. This is because as much as your viewers watch your live streams, what they hear will finesse your content and give them a much better experience.

This does not imply that you should completely disregard your video quality. The idea is to ensure your audio quality is as good as the video quality. 

You don’t have to burden yourself with the latest and most expensive audio equipment on your live stream. Your basic headset microphones are more than enough, provided the quality is good. 

3. Pick the Right Game and Have Prowess at It

If your live stream is all on gaming, you will do better to pick a game not being played by hundreds of other streamers, as this decreases your chances of attracting more viewers. Go for the ones with few streamers and a reasonable number of viewers. 

It could be difficult for you to expand if more than twenty-five other streamers have more views than you. Try visiting the website to see how many streamers there are on a certain game and how many viewers it has, then go for the less saturated one.

Remember that you also need to be good at it, so take the time to hone your skills so your viewers learn something from you.

4. Timing

Timing is everything on Twitch. Avoid the peak times when there are most streams. If you want new followers, you will face a lot of competition.

Times when we recommend attracting viewers include the weekends and early mornings. Depending on your location and niche, try and assess the best times for you to go live to maximize attracting viewers when the high streamers are offline.  


We hope these tips will help you garner more viewers. Be bold, improvise, and try a different strategy when one thing does not work. Remember, your aim is to entertain your audience, and there are many ways to do it. Overall, keep it simple and be yourself.   

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