How to Detect a Phishing Email

For years, phishing has been one of the greatest cybersecurity threats for companies and Internet users. Do you know what it is about, how is it spread and what are the consequences for the privacy of your personal data?

Learning to detect phishing on time is basic. In case of not doing so, the consequences for the Internet user or the company can be much more serious.

One of the great problems when detecting phishing is, precisely, the ability of cybercriminals to hide fraud through ‘hooks’, promotions and real-looking communications.

However, they take you to ‘web screens’ in which your data is exposed or through the download of malicious files that run malware on your device and have access to your keys.

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How to indentify a Phishing Email

Here is the Infographic from inspiredelearning which clearly explains how to detect a Phishing Email.

How to Detect a Phishing Email

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