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How to Integrate PTC Windchill with any ERP System?

PTC Windchill

PTC windchill is an application platform, a suite that is designed and developed based on product lifecycle management which gives a blended view about the facts of the product by using the multi-system data.

It ensures efficient product development by targeting the aspects of quality and maintenance of products throughout the entire life cycle of the product.

In this article, we are going to discuss how to integrate PTC windchill with any ERP system.

The PTC windchill application assists in providing the capabilities to capture the product structures related to an organization. This application suite helps in streamlining the product development processes and service processes efficiently.

The PTC windchill helps to minimize and break the organizational barriers and makes the organization teams work fastly and efficiently. It is the most prominent tool of enterprise that helps create better products, with multiple variations at a very low cost.

The Windchill application suite also manages all the product content and business processes throughout the product development lifecycle. Windchill contains a robust architecture and high performance evolving in the current times.

It offers a comprehensive approach for organizations to maintain product quality with enhancements. Windchill plays a vital role in the organization which permits the business teams to build up competitiveness by adding new functionalities, improvements, and automation.

Integrating PTC Windchill Integration with any ERP system

PTC windchill fully authorizes the product stakeholders throughout manufacturing organizations by leading the way where all product and process data is gathered into one unique place.

This offers a rich data set which encloses the whole spectrum of data that will compose the product portfolio throughout the whole lifecycle of the product included from start to the end of production but not restricted to the limits of BOM Management, Configuration and Change Management, Requirements Management, Quality, Platform Structures, Product Data Management, Collaboration, Integration, and Standards. 

The architecture of Agni Link makes it possible by sharing any of the above data objects to be shared bi-directionally, in real-time, with virtually any ERP system to which those objects can be mapped.

This capability brings a gradual reduction in the effort which is spent over the transcription of product data between Windchill and the ERP system, which greatly improves the ERP data accuracy and inevitably translates into big savings in the area of the sales floor.

The Agni Link CAD/PDM/PLM-To-ERP Data Integration System will assist you to leverage the combined power of your engineering and manufacturing system to create a seamless, homogenous integration of those information silos.

Agni Link is an add-in to your CAD. PDM or PLM applications create bi-directional real-time integration with ERP or other business management applications which are all under the total control of users. 

It is a connector based solution that allows the customers to mix match connectors to pick their specific requirement.

Let us now see how easily we can transform a complete BOM into the ERP system. When the user triggers the integration the Agni link will get the data from both the ERP and the engineering applications. 

It will automatically result in discrepancies based on customer-defined rules. It will then present the end-user with the data and will color code the cells to indicate the current status of the integration. 

The user will then correct the data if required using the convenient lookups and editing functions. 

Once the data is validated, Agni Link will simultaneously update the engineering and ERP data.

You can now see what happened, we have automatically created not only the BOM but also the items that were found in the engineering project. 

Now let’s see what happens if the user modifies the data in the ERP system.

When the engineering user triggers the integration process again Agni link will get the data from both sides to result in the discrepancies automatically and this will indicate it clearly to the user.

All the user has to do is to approach the cell with the cursor and select which version of the data should be kept or select another value.

Now we complete the synchronization process and that is how the Agni link combines directly integrating CAD and ERP data in perfect harmony.

What makes Agni link unique is the entire integration process is governed by the configuration file, which contains not only the desired mappings but also the behavior of these mappings during the integration process and customers can create and update these configurations all by themselves at any time without any programming.


PTC windchill platform showcases its significance to the organizations by running the aspects related to project management efficiently. The discussed information provides you an insight into the PTC windchill and its integration with any ERP systems.

So deep-dive now and get trained and certified in PTC windchill, which provides you a platform to boost your career.

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