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How to Solve the Error Excel Cannot Open the File

Microsoft Excel spreadsheet is widely used by organizations as well as individuals for managing different kinds of data, like daily work records, private information and other tasks. But unexpected cases would happen every now and then.

Sometimes, when you try to open an Excel file on Micro Office, you may meet this error message: “Excel cannot open the file ‘filename.xlsx’ because the file format or file extension is not valid. Verify that the file has not been corrupted and that the file extension matches the format of the file.What’s wrong with this Excel file? Have you ever encountered this problem?

In general, this error message indicates that you can’t open the certain Excel file for two reasons: incompatible Excel version; corrupted or damaged Excel file. Don’t worry, in this article, we will provide you with several solutions to fix the error Excel cannot open the file.

In this article, we will show you all the possible solutions, and you can try them respectively until fixing the issue. 

3 Solutions to Fix Error Excel Cannot Open the File

Method 1) Change the Default File Extension

Invalid file format or file extension is a main course for the error Excel cannot open the file. To fix the problem, you can try changing the default Excel file format or extension. 

Follow this tutorial: open Excel application > click File tab in the toolbar > select Export > choose Change File Type > select .xlsx extension

Method 2) Use Open and Repair Feature

If the Excel file is corrupted, you may try Open and Repair, which is a built-in Excel utility that enables you to fix the error excel cannot open the file.

Detailed steps are: Open Excel application > click File on the taskbar > select Open from the list > click the inaccessible Excel file > click Open and Repair

After finishing these steps, it is very possible that the Excel file is able to use again. If this method is not available for you, take your time, you can try the following fixes. 

Method 3) Run Excel File in Safe Mode

If Excel cannot open the Excel file normally, try to run Excel in safe mode.

Press Windows + R keys > type excel /safe in the dialogue> press Enter or click OK. In this way, the Excel program will be opened in safe mode.

Use MiniTool Excel Recovery to Recover Lost Excel Files

Excel data loss may get lost not only caused by the error Excel cannot open the file, but also by other reasons, such as mistaken deletion, virus attack, system crash or hard drive logical damage. So, how to recover lost or deleted Excel files?

MiniTool Power Data Recovery, one of the most reliable and powerful data recovery software for Windows, allows you to recover lost Excel files, as well as Word documents, images, videos and many kinds of files from PC local hard drive, external hard drive, USB flash drive, etc.

You Can Achieve Lost Excel File Recovery within 3 Steps

1) Run MiniTool Power Data Recovery

Launch the software and enter its main interface. Choose This PC module to begin the recovery.

2) Choose a drive to Scan

You need to choose a drive/partition (from which the Excel files were lost) and click the Scan button to scan the drive.

3) Find and Recover the Excel Files

After the scanning process finishes, you can browse the scanning results to find needed Excel files. Show Lost Files, Find, and Filter feature can help you find the needed files quickly. In addition, you can preview the files to make a decision.

Finally, click the Save button to appoint another location to save the recovered files. You can choose a suitable method to fix the error Excel cannot open the file. At the same time, it is very easy to recover the lost Excel files due to this error just by using a technical recovery tool. With the help of the above resolutions, we believe you can deal with the problem quickly without effort.

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