How Video Transcription Helps with Content Marketing Strategy

Video Transcription

Video transcription has emerged as the latest trend in the world of search engine optimization. It involves converting the audio of a video into a written transcript to accommodate audiences better. Businesses opt for this technique because it holds captivating advantages in the digital world. 

Content marketing itself is amazing and including transcription services can further boost the efficacy of marketing strategies. Video transcription services have been quite successful for many businesses in recent times. So, if you’re thinking to implement it with your content marketing strategy. Here are some ways which can help you out. 

1) Enhances Search Visibility

This is one of the major reasons why businesses want to put video transcription to work. Putting a video on your website doesn’t mean that the search engine recognizes it. This is where video transcription comes to the rescue, enabling the search engines to identify it because Google can catch the specified keywords. 

To your surprise, it would boost your search engine rankings rapidly. It makes your work a lot easier, in the sense that you no longer have to watch the whole video because you forgot a particular point. Moreover, it would be available for other uses, such as citations and references. 

2) Increases Accessibility 

The core aim of businesses is to target a large number of audiences. Video transcription increases accessibility because you’re allowing people to listen to a video without the ability to hear.

It may sound childish, but surprisingly there are 466 million people who can’t hear. Do you realize how much of the audience is not targeted through videos? 

If you don’t know how to start with video transcriptions, then give a shot to Designrr a video to text transcription software. It is proven out to be very effective for beginners. 

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3) Improves Customer Experience 

People are always looking for an easy way out or you can say shortcuts. Let’s say a student finds some points relevant from a video but to include it or cite it, he would have to watch and listen to the whole thing again and again. However, transcripts allow getting straight to the point, saving time and effort. 

Moreover, it promotes sharing content. If someone finds any relatable point, through transcripts they can share it with friends in a minute, eliminating the need to watch the whole video.

4) Promotes Engagement

Believe it or not, original content can take your business to places. This is because people like engaging and interacting with the content they find appealing and attractive. If you’re giving what they want, you’ll witness some amazing results.  

Every time it is not necessary to come up with ideas out of the blue, you can just transcribe videos to promote content to audiences in different ways. You never know whether the other person likes to read or watch. If you wish to know, conversion rates increased by 80% for pages with audios and videos. 

5) Allows People to Comprehend Better

Marketers make videos with a general perception that these videos can deliver a message to everyone. Sometimes, you don’t realize but there are issues with the accent. Yes, you’re using native English but not everyone is able to understand. And there’s no point in missing out on even a small chunk of the audience. 

Video transcription would allow everyone to comprehend your message completely. If you’re thinking to do something out of the box, then make it available in different languages. For you, it might be your strategy, but for the audience, these small things make a lot of difference. 


If you think video transcripts would cost an arm and leg, you’re wrong! It’s not expensive yet an amazing addition to your content marketing strategy. If you’re sceptical, look at these ways for how video transcription helps with content marketing strategy. 

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