The 3 Phases of Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Customer experience is the key factor in acquiring and keeping clients. With the ultimate goal of enhancing customer experience in mind, businesses nowadays using CRM software as a helping tool in improving efficiency, better management and reduce costs.

All for the better management and minimize costs to achieve a good, if not excellent, overall experience. Here in this article, we will discuss the three phases of Customer Relationship Management (CRM). Let us get started one by one.

Phases of CRM

1. Acquisition Phase

In this initial phase, delivering a pleasant customer experience is crucial. As “first impressions last”, it is important to give a positive impact on your first interaction with the customer. Delivering a great customer experience takes more than just being nice.

Any staff who interacts with a customer must be able to make key decisions correctly and quickly if your clients are profiled accurately. It gives out the impression that you are efficient and therefore reliable.

2. Enhancing Phase

Elevating customer service experience at this phase can be achieved by delivering more personalized interactions such as newsletters and promo coupons. Database can be your secret weapon to show your customer the extra care.

Using CRM software, sales team can access the database anywhere, anytime. Having the capability to access the database is like having a one-stop shop, affording convenience to customers who are constantly on the go.

No more scheduling a separate transaction on another day because everything is set at your fingertips, even invoices. Going an extra mile with your customers through these little extra services will help the remember you.

3. Retention Phase

Keeping customers means you need to have the main ingredients such as fulfilling promises to render excellent service, friendly and accommodating staff, and most of all, high quality products.

Using a CRM software has its advantages such as keeping track of your business’ activity and that of your clients’, allowing you to give them personal attention and reward them for their loyalty.

Reactivating customers by targeted relationship marketing strategies is also easy because identifying inactive customers is easy with CRM software.

Lastly, sustaining a good experience for your customers at this phase ensures loyalty from your customers day after day and year after year.

The above mentioned are the 3 Phases of Customer Relationship Management (CRM).

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