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Top 5 HRMantra Features You Should Know

Even a preliminary search will get you the details – HRMantra is the payroll and HR software with the highest number of features as compared to all other such software solutions across the world! Not hundreds, not thousands, not even hundreds of thousands.

HRMantra has crores of features that are ready to use! Don’t think HRMantra pricing will matter to most if it comes loaded with so many features.

Next, HRMantra saves as much as 30 minutes of time per day that would otherwise be spent over each employee. If you employ 10 employees, this transforms into a saving of 300 minutes – a whopping 5 hours. Imagine what you could do and, more importantly, how much you can earn with these 5 extra hours at your disposal.

And we are not even talking of how much these 30 minutes will mean if you are employing thousands. Simply speaking, your productivity jumps through the roof when you utilize HRMantra through all these time savings.

Top 5 HRMantra Features

HRMantra’s website claims that no other HR and payroll software can claim to have even 20 features that are better than theirs. In the world of software, where competition is fierce, such statements can only come from the makers of software that is head and shoulders above the rest. By the way, HRMantra pricing is based on the pay per use model.

Let us now examine the facets of the top five features of HRMantra and how they are superior to those of other similar software available in the market:

1. Human Resource Information System (HRIS):

HRMantra’s HRIS offers functionalities that are either not made available by its competitors

  • Creates 450 pre-defined fields per employee vis-a-vis around 250 by other software. HRIS improves with more predefined fields.
  • Prompt chatting with employees.
  • Market-Checker feature.
  • Generates in-depth organizational charts with direct, indirect, and employee reporting.
  • Maintains the complete career trajectory of employees including interdepartmental transfers and data such as payroll, leave, attendance, investment, claims and the like.
  • Employee networking functionality.
  • Whistle-blower facility is available against harassment, fraud and other such malpractices being perpetrated silently.
  • Employees can edit personal details by logging into the system at any given point of time.
  • All employees are auto-assigned based on multiple hierarchies such as department, organization, project and the like.
  • Employee code pattern is enabled.
  • Awards and Recognition page can be created.
  • Employee reporting chart can be created.

2. Recruitment Management:

Employees are your real asset and unless you can hire the best, you cannot be the best. HRMantra clocks high on this front:

  • Has a system for budgeting manpower in advance based the year and cycle of recruitment?
  • Data of candidates can be imported from job sites such as,,
  • Staffing section enables the comparison of salaries of current employees.
  • Allows sending of data on vacant positions to job consultants who, in turn, can upload Resumes directly.
  • Can compile Resumes uploaded on your website.
  • Enables creation of customized forms for feedback from candidates.
  • Can blend in with the Resume Parser.
  • Allows employees to refer their friends and acquaintances as well as to apply for internal open positions.
  • Has an approval system of the process to scrutinize all formal documents submitted by candidates.

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3. Project Management:

With multiple facets to take care of, project management can be a very detail-oriented process. HRMantra simplifies the process via:

  • Module for project management that goes into all the relevant details.
  • Provides timesheet for managing project workflow.
  • Allows emailing of the completed timesheet for sanction from the client.
  • Enables database of the client to be imported.
  • Auto-update facility of the time-in and time-out on the approved timesheet is available.
  • Cuts operation time by enabling the import of filled up project timesheets.

4. Payroll Management:

Happy employees are perhaps your greatest strength and streamline as well as precise payroll management keeps them happy. Here are the best features of HRMantra’s payroll management:

  • Processing speed for each employee’s salary is under 1 second. 
  • Automated payroll modifications and salary recoveries for fast, accurate, and efficient payroll records.
  • Global payroll structure can handle crores of combinations, 40+ conditions, as well as builders for 3 formulae.
  • Payroll processing is location-independent and can be implemented from any location.
  • Only 3 stages involved in salary processing for fast and precise results.
  • Employees can modify entries under flexible pay heads.
  • Can perform payroll management for multiple currencies.
  • Comes with the in-built flexibility for paying arrears as part of salary or outside it.
  • Incorporates intricate calculations that result from agreements with employee unions as also from pay raises.
  • Allows the generation of an infinite number of pay heads.
  • Enables working on the account details of multiple accounting years while operating in the same window.
  • Data on Full and Final Settlement can be imported.

5. Compliance Management:

If there is one area that you can never be over-cautious about, it is compliance with complex legal requirements. What is more, these keep changing or, say, evolving to represent the necessities of the time. A small breach of the law, even unintentional, can eat away your time, efforts, and tons of money.

This is precisely why HRMantra integrates all the legally required challans and reports such as ESIC, income tax / e-TDS, PF, LWF, and PT.


What is true about hiring – you can be the best by hiring the best employees – also holds good for technology – you can be the best only with the best technology. In the field of HR and payroll software, the best is HRMantra. The only question is: are you on board HRMantra?

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