Importance Of Maintenance Management In Manufacturing Industry

Maintenance Management

The backbone of every industrial unit is maintenance. Without proper maintenance, a plant cannot operate smoothly. Well-planned maintenance activities can raise the quality standards of your productivity and give you a competitive edge over others.

Additionally, maintenance plays a critical role in controlling the overall cost of running the unit. Beyond just preventing breakdowns, maintenance also ensures that the equipment is optimally used to produce high-quality goods.

A preventive maintenance strategy is the modern-day maintenance strategy that has transformed businesses, industries, and organizations. To do so, the CMMS system is an efficient tool that helps industries to streamline their processes and automate processes. CMMS helps reduce repair and equipment breakdowns.

Preventive maintenance refers to the process of scheduling routine maintenance of assets and pieces of equipment. This is done to maintain a seamless flow of work.

Preventive maintenance helps in avoiding unplanned downtime; caused due to sudden machine failure. The success rate of this strategy is 100% and, when combined with technology, it can bring fast and profitable results.

What is CMMS?

CMMS or Computerised Maintenance Management System is a software to maintain a computerized database of information regarding an organization’s complete maintenance operations. CMMS helps in transforming the maintenance procedure from a reactive maintenance strategy to a modern-day preventive maintenance strategy.

What is the role of MRO in maintenance?

When it comes to Supply chain management, the role of MRO cannot be ignored. MRO is a part of every production process, yet it is nowhere seen in the final product. MRO’s role in the maintenance process is often overlooked, but without these three elements, the production process can never be complete. 

MRO meaning – Maintenance, Repair, and Operations. MRO items may include – gloves, computers, digital systems, safety equipment, inventories, repair tools, and office supplies. Without these items, the production process is impossible. Any failure in maintaining these three components can cripple an entire business.

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Benefits of using CMMS:

1. Improving Operational Efficiency

CMMS plays a significant role in implementing the preventive maintenance strategy in any industry. It helps in tracking the overall performance of every asset; working within the unit.

CMMS helps in automating the maintenance process and enabling scheduled maintenance of all the assets, such that the chances of breakdown are minimized. The CMMS technology is a cost-effective, yet the most powerful tool used to enhance the performance of a maintenance unit and maximize profitability.

2. Enhanced Customer Satisfaction

The final goal of CMMS software is customer satisfaction. When assets and machines are serviced regularly, their overall performance improves, resulting in the high-quality production of goods.

Additionally, CMMS reduces equipment downtime and allows companies to deliver quality products on time. All in all, these factors contribute towards leveraging ultimate customer satisfaction.

3. Keeps cost under control

Now that we know the level of automation possible with the CMMS, let’s see how automation can help industries to reduce maintenance costs. CMMS makes preventive maintenance possible and thus reduces the cost of repairs and replacements considerably.

Further, it also reduces labor costs and the overall cost of operations. When maintenance units use technology to track the performance and health of their assets, it is sure to generate long-term profits for years to come.

The Bottom line:

Although every plant has its requirements, the role of efficient maintenance is the foundation of every business. Even a single day of an equipment breakdown can lead to loss of production, rescheduling of production, material wastage, and labor over time.

In totality, these costs account for the creation of liability for any plant. CMMS helps us reduce these downtimes and create a seamless workforce with minimum interruption. CMMS is also available as a mobile application, which further enhances the maintenance process and makes it real-time.

However, select a reliable CMMS provider, check the features that your business requires and switch from the traditional way to the technologically enhanced method of handling maintenance.

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