How To Improve Your App’s Visibility In App Stores Via ASO

App’s Visibility In App Stores Via ASO

App Store Optimization is essential for better discoverability of your applications on the app store. Every App Store has some stipulated set of rules and regulation criteria for ranking an application for improved visibility.

High-quality apps and games always survive with the ever-changing rules of app stores. Applications with good quality features are more popular on App Stores, the ones adding value for customers, offering valuable information and entertainment, and giving a guided walkthrough.

Every app store has some general set of rules and algorithms which help them rank the applications. For instance, you’ll find that some app stores provide you with an option to add your keywords separately to each listing/app.

Other important factors include ratings and reviews, no of downloads, user engagement, volume, and speed of installs. Some of these factors are not in our direct control. However, we can directly control others from our app store’s dashboard.

The most influential factor among these is the use of the right keywords every time you describe your app, either it’s in the URL, Name, subtitle, or description.

How to Better Describe the Application:

There are some major ranking factors and marketing strategies that could help raise the ranking of your application. All famous application marketers use these methods.

To better describe your application, you need to focus on using and mixing targeted keywords within the description. Writing a compelling description can even help you beat the competition in the store. Writing the description for application is easy but a tricky part.

First, you have to check for your competitors and their descriptions. Save all the apps which are ranking on the top section of the store. Now open each application page one by one and note down their description for finding primary and secondary keywords. 

The step mentioned above can help you generate a complete list of all keywords which are related to your application niche. Now go to Google and search for LSI (Related keywords that users are searching).

Write a compelling description covering all the keywords in a friendly way; do not swamp your description with keywords only. Describe your application in a few words by keeping sentences short. Create a brief illustration of features by using keywords smartly within paragraphs.

When you compose a description for your application, you need to use friendly and natural language so everyone can read and understand it. Use headings, subheadings, and formatting features to highlight features and crucial points.

Use keywords in the title, subtitle, and URL as well. Do not add “call to action” text in every second sentence to turn off your customers, instead use it wisely in the beginning and ending part of the description. 

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Make good use of tools to help optimize better

You can also benefit greatly from third party ASO tools and web marketing services. They can really help you in saving a lot of time, energy, and investment. Today is the era of competition and massive production.

It’s naturally very difficult if you start doing all the hard work by yourself in finding your true competitors or the best apps in your niche, their ranking factors, their ad copies, keywords, and all the other ASO data. So, a fairly better idea is to go for any tool that can do this for you.

We hope that this article has helped you in understanding the value of proper ASO for ranking your application in the app stores. If you’ve any queries, please don’t hesitate to ask in the comments section.

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