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How To Use Instagram To Boost Business Growth?

Instagram – the famous social media platform – has helped many businesses get started and also assisted millions to flourish.

But why are businesses now more focused on Instagram rather than Facebook?

Well, the major reason is that Instagram has better organic reach than Facebook. Instagram has 800 million monthly users and marketers see it as a great opportunity.

Even though it has grown into a huge platform it is fairly easy to create a significant fan following on this image-sharing platform. Followers and likes are the keys so if you want to increase your followers, we recommend using Viral Race.

We have specially designed this article to educate you about how to boost the growth of your business by utilizing the true potential of Instagram.  So let’s discuss it without stretching the prelude any further.

Make Sure Every Post Represents The Brand:

I recently came across Instagram and cosmetic world sensation Huda Kattan’s (CEO of Huda Beauty) interview. She candidly said when she started blogging, she didn’t achieve a notable following right away. It took her a year and a half to gain a little traffic – people who would actually visit her on and off because they found her content appealing.

She continued to portray herself as a brand in every video and post. And from what started with a blog and Huda’s unique way of styling, eventually, a brand was born.

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The gains in traction came from her unique style of a makeover which entirely took the world by storm – the trend of natural yet dramatic-looking eyelashes, which she introduced, captured the audience – and now she is running a million-dollar business herself.  

For Huda, it was about showing women how they can transform themselves by using the right products – something that not only helped women with their confidence level but also created an aspirational approach essential for Instagram success.

We all know for a fact this visual-based social media platform is more about aesthetically pleasing content. The visual content should be therefore conceived with a specially designed strategy with the core purpose of enticing the audience.

It should depict the image and the essence of the brand at its best. So you must take out ample time to devise a strategy that fulfills the purpose in the most creative way possible.

Make sure you present your business as a brand and use associated values and traditions to create a strong brand image.

Follow The Rule Of Three:

Implementation of the ‘rule of three’ or ‘rule of thirds’ can help you communicate a balanced message to your followers – one that is partially promotional, conversational, and also contains shareable content. Let’s now elaborate a little on these three elements:

1. Promotional:

Promotional content is aimed at creating awareness about or promoting the branded product or service.

2. Conversational:

This sort of content tends to motivate users to interact with your posts – trigger them to get engaged in a conversation thereby boosting user-generated content. It can also be done by conducting some kind of contest or setting up a quiz etc.

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3. Sharable Posts:

Shareable posts are mostly information-based. Such posts can contain industry news or they can be based on cross-promotion of brands through collaborations with other companies and influencers.

Cross collaborations and targeting commonplace influencers can also create sales opportunities which can be further maximized with paid posts.

Brand awareness and a good following can thus be achieved organically with a thoughtful strategy and the right balance which remains the key to gain maximum engagement and following.

In order to maintain the right balance, you must keep surfing Instagram and the internet to spot interesting activities which you can use to your benefit.

Use Shoppable Tags:

Shoppable tags on Instagram work best for e-commerce stores. They readily present essential information like the price of the product. Setting it up is a simple procedure and isn’t very technical. You just need to follow the following steps:

  • Setting up a shop section on your Facebook Business page which is connected to the Instagram Business page is the most basic procedure. Add the products into the store. I personally prefer providing the website link to the products rather than taking orders on Facebook.
  • You will receive a notification on your Instagram which will allow you to start tagging on the products.
  • From now on you will have to select the “tag a product” option and you will come across the list of products you have populated on your Facebook shop.

These tags enable the users to have the most basic information about a product in a readily available format.

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Use Apps For Creative Instagram Feed:

All marketers are utilizing third-party apps to make their Instagram Feed all the more interesting – since keeping the content interesting is the key to maintain the popularity of your Instagram account.

The famous Social media planner apps especially Planoly allow you to arrange and schedule your Instagram feed through simple drag and drop features. It also helps in creating a visually appealing layout for the posting.  

I hope this concise article has enlightened you with important information much required to boost your business through Instagram.