Artificial Intelligence

How Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence Transforming Global Industries?

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

2019 saw an increased momentum, not just in the adoption of AI and ML, but also in real-life use cases for the same. From being an abstract future technology, these two have become important parts of our regular life.

From enabling better decision making to introducing competitive pricing in the company, these technologies have given newer and improved wings to the businesses.

Let us understand what Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are, before diving a little deeper into these technologies.

What a human does, a computer does quicker. Artificial Intelligence has been built around this concept. This technology is built on the simulation of intelligent behaviour.

For instance, most store owners have an in-store issue of placement. They are never really sure where to place things. AI will understand the different data available from past placements, purchase and give out the perfect shelving strategy. AI helps with procurement, management, quick decisions, etc.

There are quite a few industries that have been completely disrupted with AI in tandem with Machine Learning. Let’s have a quick look at some of them.

Industries Disrupted by AI

1) Retail

Not only has retail been augmented by these technologies, but it has also become heavily dependent on them.

The first thing any business thinks of before releasing a new product is whether it will be accepted in the market or not. Secondly, they also want to understand the need for the product in the market.

Artificial Intelligence will determine both the need and the probable demand for the product by analysing and taking various parameters into consideration.

For instance, if they are into baby products, show them other baby items that they should have. Make the store a bit more attractive. This way you will have offered them an experience, where they are likely to complete the purchase.

Amazon is the best example of personalized store experiences with a great number of recommendations.

2) Customer Service

The response needs to be quick and immediate, along with a good understanding of what the customer needs. Customer service is where most businesses lag, and it leads to the attrition of the users.

However, with Artificial Intelligence and the bots, businesses have enabled human-like machines to improve the efficiency of their customer service.

The bots respond immediately and take over before the humans are required. Only in specific and complicated cases do you see a human expert interacting with you.

A lot of business websites have bots. When you enter the page, the bot appears and asks you how they can help you.

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3) Finance

You can easily say that it all started with the finance industry. Artificial Intelligence was, alongside retail, adopted in finance immediately.

Strategizing your next or current financial product is essential, and you need to analyse the data available for this purpose. With AI, you will know whether the product will work, and which markets you need to release them in.

Apart from helping with strategies for the existing products as well as the new ones, AI also prevents fraud. JP Morgan, Experian are a few examples of how the finance industry has collaborated with security experts to ensure that the customer’s data remains private and there is no breach.

4) Healthcare

This industry requires a little magic of technology to ensure proper care is being transferred to everyone, and there are little to no issues prevalent in managing the patients and their data.

Artificial Intelligence is being used to improve diagnostic methods as well as for better care delivery.

A cancer diagnosis can become better as a result of AI. There are other chronic diseases which also requires a thorough understanding of this kind of data, and AI should help eliminate the symptoms.

IBM Watson is an excellent example of AI in healthcare. It differentiates the structured and unstructured data available, then combines the same with the patient’s medical record, and then identifies a treatment plan that the patient should go with. It is akin to a human doctor.

Apart from these basic industries, AI is also a predominant part of media & entertainment, information technology as well as the food industry.

5) Food industry

In the case of the food industry, AI helps the food aggregators understand the food demand, and produce the food accordingly. It takes into consideration the weather, historical data, and demographics to predict the products required.

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Let’s take a quick look at how McKinsey has estimated profits relative to the industry average, based on their investment in both core and digital technologies.

They have considered Energy, Finance, Automotive, Tech, Telecom, and Construction Industries.

According to CBInsights, there are a few first insights mentioned by the top eCommerce brands. We can also see how AI has affected eCommerce its earnings.

From the graph as well as the data collected, and the above-mentioned ways in which AI is used, this technology is disrupting the companies in this segment in various ways. In short, the profits and earning are increasing for this industry, as a result.

Summing Up

Artificial Intelligence is no longer an abstract phenomenon that you will not be using. It is very much real, and you are already using it to prevent a breach in privacy, understand the customer, and know the demand or value for a particular product.

The use cases will keep increasing in the future. Of course, there are not many adopters of this technology as yet but, eventually, seeing the positive side to the technology, there are bound to be more adopters.

The technology also helps you gain a competitive side to your business, thus improving points of differentiation.


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Sanjay Patoliya February 15, 2020 at 12:14 pm

Artificial intelligence currently knows no bounds and is focused on outperforming its limits using the power of Machine Learning. AI is empowering computers to do things that human beings are unable to do efficiently and effectively and Machine Learning is aiding the computer to do so by breaking the rules of traditional programming.


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