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How to boost DevOps with Machine Learning Lifecycle management?

Priyank SoniWritten by:

What is DevOps? DevOps is considered to be the union of the two most important functions required for successful product delivery that is the development and …

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A Quick Guide to Intelligent Apps With Key Features, Capabilities & Examples

AvatarWritten by:

In the era of smartphones, we saw a myriad of apps that totally changed the way how we access information online and perform our day-to-day activities. …

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Impact of machine learning in logistics´╗┐

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Since, 1960s, there has been the talk of artificial intelligence and its impact on society. Since then the meaning of artificial intelligence has evolved, machine learning …

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How Machine Learning and Signal Processing is transforming the Speech

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Big Data, higher compute capacities and GPUs and deep learning have had a transformative effect on the speech technologies of today. The transformation in technology has …