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Top 10 Machine Learning use Cases Everyone must know

In simple words, we can define Artificial intelligence as the science of representing human behavior. Machine learning is the exact subdivision of Artificial intelligence that sequence to learn. This is the theory that computers can be learning without being automatic to whole convinced responsibilities. The various things like the growing volumes of data, affordable storage, and more powerful computational processing have taken perfect learning.

There are various examples and applications for learning both in daily life and in business. By starting to work with Machine Learning Technology, your business can be grown by various advantages over the competition. By uncovering more insights from the business Data, improving visibility into data, Improving the efficiency of Internal and External Processes, Understanding your business prospects and customers better, and considerably reducing cost on productions. Here are the top 10 machine learning use cases everyone should know about.

1) Personal Security:

With the simple example, if you attended any big public event, security will go through with almost all type of security screening lines. But Machine Learning is to help you to provide an asset to help avoid fake alarms. This spot thing human screeners may miss out in security at the stadium, airport and other venues. That can speed up with the process suggestively for safer events. 

2) Natural Language Processing (NLP):

All this NLP is starting to using in all sources of previous applications across disciplines. Machine learning algorithms can stand with customer service agents. This is used to translate unclear legalese in contracts into plain language to prepare information.

3) Healthcare:

Machine Learning Algorithms could be processed to get more information on their human counterparts. There is one more case in healthcare that is the computer-assisted diagnosis (CAD). This can be used for a review of mammography scans of women. This system was found as a computer spotted 52% of the cancers in a year. Machine learning also used to develop to go ahead with new technology.

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4) Marketing Personalization:

If you want to sell more, you must understand customer requirements and accordingly you suppose to serve with better productions. Marketing is the biggest foundation behind marketing personalization.

For example, if you search online something, and had experience in visiting an online store and found your required product but you skipped to buy. And after few days exact that product you see again in digital ads across the web. That is called Marketing Personalisation. Some of the companies can personalize customers by sending e-mails to the customer receives. 

5) Data Security:

Nowadays, Malware is a huge problem that grew rapidly. As per institutional intelligence company says that every new malware tends to the same code as a previous malware. Only a few of them can be changed from the iteration to iteration.

So, there is no learning problem with the 2-10% variations, also it can be possible for files of malware with perfect accuracy. In the Machine Learning algorithms can refer to patterns in how data can be accessed from the cloud. 

6) Process Automation:

Intelligent process automation (IPA) comes with automation and artificial intelligence. This algorithm can be used in automating insurance risk assessments from automating manual data entry work. Machine Learning is suitable for every situation where Human decision requires within set boundaries, patterns and constraints.

We can say thanks to cognitive technology like machine vision, natural language processing, Machines can augment the automation and deep learning to learn to do them better to adapt change. Most of the Intelligent process automation solutions that already using ML beyond simple automation.

It will help in a business that is more extensive than cost-saving which includes better use in costly equipment or highly skilled employees, Perfect and correct actions and decisions, product and service innovations. This will be found in enterprise frees up for the human worker to attention to product, service and innovation improvement. 

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7) Online Search:

Online Search most usable technique of machine learning. Google search engine and its other competitors are continually improving what the search engine understands as per business requirements. An online search will execute a product and services on searches in Google, the program task will watch how you respond to the market results.

For Example, if you go through with the top result and stay on the same page that you clicked, it means that search is correct as per viewer. But you did not stay on that same page and you click on the second page or type another keyword without clicking any of the results, Program can be assumed that particular search engine did not serve correctly as per result you want. In this scenario, the program can be learned from their mistakes and will be delivered accurate results in the future.

8) Fraud Detection:

Machine learning will help the business to get better potential cases to detect fraud scenarios in many different fields. PayPal is the latest example of this. PayPal is using machine learning to get money laundering. This company is having a tool to compare millions of transactions. The company has tools that compare millions of that can precisely discriminate between legitimate between sellers and buyers.

9) Smart Cars:

Smart Car is the latest technology will come by Machine Learning. This feature will not only design to the internet of things, but it also can learn about its owner and its environment. It will be adjusted Internal functions, Like Audio, Temperature, Seat Positions, Etc. It will also give real-time advice about road conditions and traffic.  

10) Financial Trading:

Many people are excited to find out in the stock markets can be done every given day for various reasons. When it’s come to work on a large amount of data and speed of work, Human Cannot compete to execute a trade.

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