Music Marketing Strategies for Artists

Music Marketing Strategies

The music world is ever-changing, and things are no longer as they used to be. For instance, Spotify artists can now submit their songs to playlists themselves. Even the music marketing scene has transformed.

Nowadays, artists use various marketing strategies to enhance Spotify organic promotion of their music. Marketing strategies include social media marketing, online live performances, music blogs, and creating a strong relationship with fans.

These days you might need to think out of the box to get your talent seen and build an audience. The following are some of the music marketing strategies artists can use.

1. Involve Playlist Curators and Press Outlets

Promoting new music means you are looking to get your music to as many ears as possible. This helps build momentum and brings it to as many listeners as possible. You could also pitch your music to the press; there are third-party curators and editors to help you with the coverage you need. 

Use services where you can send your songs and have them listened to by labels, playlist generators, radios, and blogs. These services go a long way to ensure your music is out there and save you time.

Designing an EPK (Electronic Press Kit) for your music also helps to promote new singles and use it to reach radio curators. If putting out your music is your main objective, getting as many listeners as possible helps boost your reach.

2. Create Newsletters for Your Fans

A newsletter has the potential to reach many of your fans. Send lots of them to people you think might be interested in your music, including family, friends, and anyone interested in the music industry.

Links to your favorite streaming platform or website also work in your favor. Finally, add a call to action to everything you put out and share with your friends.

3. Keep Your Release Strategy Slow

If you have much to be released this year, it will help to stretch it out. Spotify usually considers your music for placement for around two weeks. For bloggers, it is generally longer for new releases. These days, the amount of music released is enormous.

Give yourself more time to filter through publications, as you get a greater chance of finding a suitable placement. A song every six weeks sounds good.

4. Play It Out There

You should if you have the resources or can get your music played out there. This will help you build a buzz around your music and get your following. You never know who might be listening wherever you are playing. This can also help you grow and have an enormous fan base.

Try to book a good show at least every month; if you can get a place to play outside your hometown, the better. Remember to advertise your performance and do a good job promoting your music.

5. Social Media Ads

Getting a decent reach might mean that you have spent some money. It is expensive because you need to sieve through a lot of content. Most social media sites offer a way for people to reach targeted fans faster and more efficiently. This includes people you follow and don’t even know about.  


You can undoubtedly increase your music reach using the tips we have mentioned above. All it takes is a bit of creativity and effort to ensure that you get what you need and that as many ears as possible hear your music.  

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