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6 New Features and Technologies for cars in 2020

Features and Technologies for cars in 2020

The technological revolution in the automotive industry began more than a century ago. Nowadays, the innovative developments of car companies are striking in their development and progress. Any technology is recognized to simplify people (us) life. Since the advent of the first cars, our life has become more diverse and interesting. After all, with the help of a vehicle, we can travel long distances.

The advent of automatic transmission made it easier for us to change gears. Cruise control gives the opportunity to relax our feet and Stripe on the brake pad surface is make you comfortable. There are many other technologies that make driving a car a true vacation.

1) Auto parking assistant

For many of us, weekends or holidays are associated with trips to various shopping centres and shops, where, as you know, there is simply some kind of quiet horror at the parking lot. Finding a parking space for your car often turns into a headache.

Even if you find a place to park, then you spend a lot of time on it, which is usually always lacking. Do you know this friend? We have no doubt. To do this, today there is the latest modern technology from Audi, which offers the motorist his new system of automatic parking without a driver.

2) WiFi hotspot in the car

A few years ago, the Internet in our lives played a not so important role. Today, everything has changed. We cannot imagine life without an Internet network, whether we are at work or at home. True, we still have such moments in life when we very rarely use the Internet. For example, in a car. Of course, we can log into the network from our smartphone and then check our email or go to some website

3) Airless tires

After several years of research, the rubber manufacturer has created conceptual airless tires. Instead of air inside these tires, there is a microgrid of hard rubber. Which essentially retains its shape and wheel shape even under extreme loads. Since the tire does not need air, when the tire (tire) is punctured, the car can freely continue on its way without any danger.

The thermoplastic material used in the manufacture of airless tires (including the tread) is made from recycled materials, as a result of which these conceptual tires are environmentally friendly and significant compared to conventional traditional rubber.

4) Indication system for filling tires with air

While we are dreaming of airless tires, Nissan has developed a new notification system for filling tires (wheels) with air. For example, a new system appeared on the Nissan Altima 2014 (2015 Nissan Teana) at which will show the driver their inflation pressure when the tires are inflated, or when this pressure reaches normal.

How does it work? Nothing complicated. If you decide to pump the wheel near your home, or work, or at the gas station, then by connecting the pump directly to the wheel, you will immediately see how the front fog lights or turn signals blinked 

5) Smart lights

Driving a car at night in the rain or when it snows is difficult and very stressful, since visibility on the road under such conditions is very poor and wants to be better. And the thing is that our car headlights illuminate not only the road itself but also raindrops or snow particles. Which creates a big significant obstacle for our eyes for a clear view of the road.

Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University have developed a specific headlight system that can improve your visibility in bad weather conditions. This system consists of – a video camera, a projector, a laser beam splitter and a computer unit based on an Intel processor.

6) Hydrophobic coating of car windows.

For the first time, the manufacturer equipped some of the new 2014 Kia Cadenza cars with hydrophobic side windows. What it is? An ordinary glass of a car is covered with a special hydrophobic coating that protects the glass from chips or damage.

That is, it prevents the glass from becoming dirty and dirty with the same drops of water. The coating repels water and all collecting condensate. This coating sufficiently improves visibility in rainy weather and facilitates the drying process of glasses after washing.

To our regret, we don’t yet know anything about which automakers are equipping their cars with these hydrophobic windows.

You are probably surprised, friends, that it was on the Korean car that the technology of hydrophobic windows was first applied? Or not really? But this is just not surprising. Automotive technologies that have been developing at a doubled pace recently have often begun to appear on inexpensive brands and models of cars. And this is due primarily to the fact that many new technologies are becoming at their own cost today not so expensive and do not require manufacturers of multibillion investments.

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