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5 Non-Negotiable Features to look for in a Cloud Provider

Features to look for in a Cloud Provider

Cloud provider has become a common name among most of the industries and most of the business people know it with the name of cloud hosting provider. A cloud hosting provider allows a business to host its application on its public server and thus the need for IT infrastructure is nullified.

Most of the businesses are turning to cloud because it is cheap and they don’t have to take the hassle of IT issues as the third-party hosting provider offers round the clock customer support without any extra fee.

Like after choosing Best QuickBooks hosting provider, you just have to pay for the cloud package and you will get the technical support for free.

But in order to boost the business by taking advantage of the benefits of the cloud, a business needs to choose the right cloud provider and that’s what we are going to look in this blog post.

Here are the 5 non-negotiable features to look for while choosing a cloud provider in order to have seamless hosting experience. 

1) Safety measures

When you are going to choose a cloud hosting provider then you are going to share your sensitive business data on the cloud server and that’s why you should always check the security measures adopted by the potential cloud provider on both virtual level and physical level. You should also inquire about their data centre location and its safety features. 

2) Price

Cloud is an economical option that’s why you should never choose a very costly provider. You can easily check the current price trend in the industry by checking the websites of different providers and then choose the most economical one out of them without compromising on the quality of service.

As we all know that high price always doesn’t mean good service. For an example see the pricing for cloud-based hosted QuickBooks Desktop providers. 

3) Customer support

Round the clock technical support is another great feature of third-party cloud hosting and if a potential hosting provider is not offering 24/7/365 technical support through a team of highly skilled and experienced IT professionals then you should kick them out of your pool of best cloud providers without any second thought. You should also look for the response rate of the potential provider as issues should be solved immediately. 

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4) High uptime 

Another important thing to look for while choosing a cloud provider is their uptime guarantee. Most of the good cloud hosting providers offer 99.95% of high uptime which means that you will get only a few minutes of downtime throughout the year. 

5) Experience 

An experienced cloud provider will be a much better choice for your business instead of a new one. Experience providers are able to shape their service towards perfection and they understand the cloud needs of businesses from different industry. 

So, if have understood the advantages of shifting to cloud-hosted service and looking forward to choosing a cloud hosting provider, then you should definitely look out for the features mentioned in this blog post in order to choose the best one.

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