OpenPayd Recognized as One of the Most Influential Fintech Companies


The financial services industry keeps evolving at lightning speed, thanks to never-ending technological advances that transform traditional financial methods. A growing number of fintech companies focus on mobile banking, open banking, and many other methods for delivering financial services.

OpenPayd is one of the fastest-growing fintech companies that offer innovative banking and payment solutions to help businesses expand globally.

Thanks to the hard work and commitment of its founder, Dr. Ozan Ozerk, and CEO Iana Dimitrova, OpenPayd has been recognized as one of the most influential fintech companies in 2020. The recognition comes from the Harrington Starr’s Financial Technologist magazine, one of the most reputable sources of all things fintech.

Some of the key trends that OpenPayd follows to transform corporate banking and payment services are digital-only banking, regtech (regulatory technology), blockchain technology, cutting costs through RPA (Robotic Process Automation), enhancing cybersecurity, and using AI, chatbots, and big data to hyper-personalize services.

The company values innovation and financial inclusion above all else, consistently helping businesses thrive and unlock new revenue opportunities.

Recognizing the Best in Fintech

There are several reasons why the Financial Technologist magazine recognized OpenPayd as one of the most influential fintech companies of 2020.

The company offers state-of-the-art technological solutions and continually implements new features into its platform. It’s those unique features that the company’s global license network and modular technology platform that make it stand out. They simplify financial management and make online transactions fast, smooth, and secure.

Ozan Ozerk, Iana Dimitrova, and their team are working tirelessly to provide seamless international banking and payment services through single API integration.

They’re passionate about fintech, which is what every company needs to reach excellence. They go above and beyond to help businesses connect with clients and streamline their financial services.

Their passion, trust, family spirit, communication, and hard work are some of the key motivators that drive them towards constant improvement.

As CEO Iana Dimitrova says, “Our inclusion on the Financial Technologist’s list of the most influential fintech companies is a real testament to the hard work of every OpenPayd team member.”

Inclusion in the Fintech Power 50 Annual Guide

The innovative team behind OpenPayd has been included in another important list. The “Fintech Power 50” annual guide recognizes some of the leading companies and visionaries dominating and shaping the fintech sector.

Making the FXC Intelligence’s List of Top Global Companies in Cross-Border Payments

It doesn’t come as a surprise that OpenPayd has made yet another list. This time, an essential report by FXC Intelligence.

FXC Intelligence is a leading financial data company that focuses on cross-border payments, one of the vast services of OpenPayd.

The company keeps track of more than 14,000 worldwide fintechs to collect relevant data and use business intelligence to provide banks, investors, and payment companies with accurate global payments industry data.

The fact that OpenPayd made the FXC Intelligence’s list of top 150 global companies in cross-border payments really speaks for itself.

About OpenPayd

Founded by Ozan Ozerk in 2019, OpenPayd started with a vision to revolutionize international payments and banking and help businesses grow. Its tech-based platform offers an array of scalable open banking solutions, including accounts, payments, card processing, financial licenses, and FX (Foreign Exchange) management.

The company offers a single API for integrating its financial solutions, which its clients can tailor to their needs and scale up to grow internationally. They can either plug into the company’s ecosystem directly or utilize the solutions’ white-labeling functionalities to match their branding.

Thanks to single API integration, businesses can manage their local and cross-border payments seamlessly across various networks, including SEPA, SWIFT, CHAPS, and others.

There’s also a REST API to simplify the integration process for developers. After signing up for a Sandbox user account, developers can access the API to play around with its capabilities and explore all the platform’s innovative features.

There’s so much more we can say about OpenPayd and its remarkable platform that provides a global reach through a single connection. But we highly recommend you check out its vast solutions to see for yourself how they might benefit you or someone you know.

Revolutionizing the Fintech Sector

OpenPayd is a genuinely revolutionary company with the power to reshape the fintech sector as we know it. It’s leading the financial services industry’s digital transformation, helping businesses grow and realize their goals.

The future of fintech looks bright thanks to this company’s brilliant minds. Its banking and payment experts have what enterprises need to jump over any obstacle and reach long-term success.

OpenPayd is a fintech company incorporated in England (company number 09570221) and authorized by the Financial Conduct Authority in the United Kingdom (FRN: 900483) for the provision of digital banking and payment services

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