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What are Parental Control Apps? Key Functionalities

What are Parental Control Apps

Technology is inevitably rooted in our systems. Whether you are an adult or a kid, your life revolves around technology. True?

Kids, filled with curiosity, cope better with technological evolutions. They adapt faster to new gadgets and software. The ease of using devices and affordable prices has transformed liking into addiction. Kids are suddenly exposed to explicit content and dangerous online predators.

Now, the bigger problem is how parents can figure out the answers? What app can they rely on?

What are Parental Control Apps?

Parental Control Apps are just another technological development to balance kids’ digital life. These apps designed for kids under 18 who considered as minors.

Parental control apps are intended to capture all online activities of kids on their gadgets. Right from their last phone call to their current location, everything can be tracked.

The idea behind the app is to allow parents to supervise their kids’ digital activities without any interference.

In case any suspicious activity or content is noticed, the app reports parents immediately, and they can take appropriate actions through the app.

Have you downloaded a parental control app yet?

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What Activities Parental Control Apps can Track

Are you sure you know everything your kids do online?

Before we plunge into the various functionalities of Parental control apps, Parents must be aware of activities kids run on their devices.

  1. Call logs-Who calls your kid and who does your kid contact?
  2. Social Media Activities– In which social media sites do your kids have accounts? Who do they talk to and what do they post?
  3. Gaming Applications– What genre of games do your kids play? How much time do they spend on these games?  Do they initiate chats with strangers?
  4. Websites– What kind of sites do your kids access? Are these websites informative or harmful?
  5. Location– Which locations are your kids commonly positioned? Are the neighbourhoods safe?
  6. Advertisements– What kind of ads are popping up in your kids’ browsing sessions? Is it showing any violent or adult content?

Above mentioned questions are the most basic questions parents need to find out about their kid’s online activities.

Key Functionalities of Parental Control Apps:

  • App install Block– This feature disables kids to download any new app.
  • App Block– You can block apps from your kids’ device that are inappropriate according to you.
  • Kiosk Mode– Kiosk mode allows customizing the mobile device as per your desire. The mobile device is controlled by remote control.
  • Time Schedule – The time schedule is applicable in restricting screen time of the device. You can have screen time control for different apps or the device. Set bedtime, playtime, study time, etc. for your kids’ device.
  • Panic Button– This feature comes with an SOS button which your kids can use in an emergency. These apps will send panic alerts to the parent device along with information about the current location of your kid.
  • Calls– All calls, incoming and outgoing calls on kids’ devices can are tracked and blocked.
  • Anti-theft – Locate your kids’ lost mobile on the map. You can call your kids’ phone even if it is put on silent mode. And if you want your kids’ phone not to be misused by any stranger, immediately factory reset the phone using the parent device.
  • Geofence & Speed– You can not only track your kids’ current outdoor location but set virtual geographic boundaries and speed limits. In case your kids’ cross the boundary or exceed the speed limit, these apps send an instant notification to the parent device.

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How to Cope with Kids’ Opposition to Parental Control Apps?

 You will face disapproval from your kids for downloading parental control apps. It might seem like an intervention to your kid’s privacy; however, parental control is mandatory at their age.

So, do not get discouraged by your kids’ disappointment. What you can do to cope with this opposition:

  1. Do not ask unnecessary questions if not required. Unless the app sends you any suspicious alert, do not interfere with your kids’ activities.
  2. Educate kids about the need for screen time.
  3. Be transparent and openly inform kids what all you can monitor from the parent device. This way they will not feel cheated.
  4. Discuss calmly with your kids regarding cyber attacks and cyber crimes when they are most receptive, like while driving to sports practice class, etc.

Do not let any thought make you think otherwise, download the parental control app now and experience a new generation of child care.

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