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11 Best Family Locator Apps on Android

When it comes to family, we all are very protective. Whenever a child steps out, their parents keep worrying about them for the time being. Parents feel that they need to know where their children are at all times.

Kid’s safety is vital for a parent, and knowing that their child is safe satisfies them. Gone are those days when parents used to blast their children’s phones by continuously calling them and checking up on their whereabouts. This generation’s parents are smart enough not to annoy their kids.

So, what’s the solution? We can’t deny that tracking is the best approach here. Now, the question is how to track your family? By putting up a tracker on them? Nah! This is an old-school method.

In today’s time, real-time tracking is easier than ever. With the help of modern technology, something called a family locator app has been invented. Every modern smartphone has a GPS.

And with the help of a family locator app, you can locate your family with the help of GPS. Using a virtual map, a family locator app finds another phone.

But the thing is that there is not a single app but thousands of it. So, let’s lend a helping hand in picking up an apt choice. Let’s get started with our list of 11 Best Family Locator Apps on Android without much ado.

Best Family Locator Apps on Android

1. Fami Safe

We feel FamiSafe is the perfect app to place at the beginning of our list. listed FamiSafe as the most reliable parental control app. FamiSafe has been awarded as the best family tracker by several platforms.

Using the FamiSafe Parental Control app, you can keep track of your family members without bothering them as long as their GPS is on. FamiSafe helps in tracking real-time location and geo-fencing. This app is password-protected, and only you can use it, no one else.

FamiSafe app has multiple features such as web filtering, app blocking, screen time control, location tracking, suspicious text detection, etc. Utilizing these features can keep your children safe from viewing inappropriate content. 

2. Glympse

The second app that we feel should be included in the best family locator apps list is Glympse. Parents can use the Glympse app to monitor their children’s whereabouts.

This app uses GPS and a dynamic map to help track family, friends, and co-workers in real-time. However, the Glympse app works differently. All you need to do is just open the app and click on the option of “New Glympse,” and send a text to the person you want to track.

The text will contain a link, and once the person opens the link, you will get their location. Glympse is fast, free, and completely compatible with all android versions.

3. Life 360

Next, the third app on our list is Life360, a pretty famous family locator app for android. This app is one of the best apps that help you stay connected with your loved ones.

Worldwide, Life360 has millions of active users. What distinguishes Life360 from other family locator apps is that with the help of this app, you can track your family members and send a 24/7 Emergency dispatch in times of need.

This app also gives out the route information and driving directions. This app sends out a notification when a family member arrives or departs from any destination. Life 360 helps you keep track of the location history of your family.

4. Family Locator

The next app on our list has a basic name; Family Locator. But, having a basic name doesn’t make this app basic. The family Locator app is an innovative solution for keeping track of the real-time location of your ward.

The most significant advantage provided by this app is that the person you want to track does not need to install the app. The Family Locator app uses the phone’s in-built GPS tracker.

Using the Family Locator app, you can set up boundaries for your children, and you will get notified if they cross those set boundaries. An SOS option will help you know your family member’s exact location. Although the app is free, there are some extra features that the user can only unlock through in-app purchases.

5. iSharing

The fifth app on our list of best family locator apps is iSharing, a free app for locating your loved ones. iSharing is a quite simple family tracking app and is mainly preferred for this reason.

Not just the iSharing app helps in the precise tracking of real-time location. One can privately share and communicate about their family member’s location updates. Extra features of this app are fast monitoring and sending alert messages.

Do you know the best part about the iSharing family tracking app? You can literally use this app to convert your phone into a walkie-talkie to receive voice messages free of cost. In any emergency situation, just by shaking the phone, a user can send a Panic alert to their family members. The iSharing app is free to download on all android versions.

6. Sprint Family Locator

The next app on our list is Sprint Family Locator, an app that provides you with a secured platform using which you can track the whereabouts of your children in real-time tracking.

Additional features that make this app exceptional are that you can track up to four phones at a time. Notable, isn’t it? Sprint Family Locator app helps you monitor the digital content of your kid.

Sprint Family Locator notifies you of the detailed location along with the precise location pinned on the map. So, in this way, tracking becomes as easy as pie.

Also, you can remotely locate your family member’s phone in case it gets stolen and perform activities like wiping content, locking it, etc. Although the app offers a free trial period, once the trial period is over, you need to buy a subscription to use the app.

7. Family 360

Now we have Family360, a popular family locator app ruling the play store. The user interface of Family360 is pretty much primary and easy to understand and use.

Basically, the Family360 app is a cell phone tracker that can track the whereabouts of the registered mobiles. This GPS tracking app uses the GPS coordinates of a registered mobile device and gives you a detailed report of the location history of that device.

This app has some excellent features such as speed detection, fake location detection, etc. Family360 app is free to download and comes with a 21-day free trial. And once the trial period is over, you have to take up the premium version if you want to continue the services.

8. My Family

In the world of family locator apps for android, My Family is a new addition. With the help of the My Family app, you can supervise the location of your family members.

My family app acts as a parental control app and a family safety app simultaneously. This app prides itself on its accuracy. With a straightforward UI, the app is pretty easy to operate. Using the My Family app, a user can not just track real-time location but also perform other activities such as checking browser history, app usage, etc.

There’s more to this app. With the help of the My Family app, you can also know about your family’s driving speed, braking, and acceleration.

9. GeoZilla

The next app on our list is GeoZilla, one of the best-rated family locator apps on the play store. GeoZilla is an exclusive family tracking app that provides you with all the information you need to know about your family members.

What separates GeoZilla from standard family locator apps is that you can share any family member’s real-time location within a small private circle. The app uses the phone’s in-built GPS and specialized cell ID technology to track any device and tell a user the real-time location.

So, accuracy is pretty much the best feature of this app. Even this app supports texts and image sharing within the private circle. The app will notify the same family members in an emergency scenario, such as an accident.

10. Find My Kids

One of the best-known child safety apps in the market is Find My Kids. The app shows an integrated map in which parents can view the movement history of their kids. What’s more?

The app sends out a loud notification to your kid’s phone even if their phone is silent. Also, the Find My Kids app uses your kid’s phone’s microphone, and you can listen to whatever is happening around them and ensure your kid’s complete safety.

Also, a parent can connect a GPS watch with this device so that tracking becomes more accessible than ever. Parents can easily chat with the kids, and likewise, the kids can send out an SOS signal to their parents.

However, a downside of this app is that you need to install the Pingo chat app for this chatting process which consumes a lot of battery life.

11. Connected

The last app on our list is Connected, a helpful family locator app that helps you stay in touch with your family members. A user can create a small circle of family members, and the location history is only shared within the specific circle.

In this way, all the members can keep track of each other. Without the permission of any user, you cannot access their location. So, there’s no chance of any intruder tracking you.

The app sends a notification to track a lost phone, movement history, real-time alerts when a member arrives or leaves any destination, etc. An active connection is required to keep running the app.


So, we feel this is the end; it’s a wrap for the list of 11 Best Family Locator Apps on Android. These are some of the best family locator apps. Although it’s not hard to get what you need, you must figure out your wants.

Always ensure to use a trustworthy and reliable tracking app, not something that can add to your miseries. Safety comes first, and with a family locator app, you can worry less about your family’s safety.

All these apps are robust and free to download. On top of that, as mentioned above, every app is compatible with all Android versions.

We hope this article helped in some way. Do let us know which app you liked the most. Also, don’t forget to tell us about your experiences in the comment section.

If you have any doubts, leave them in the comment box. We promise to get back to you at the earliest with our best possible solution.

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