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Practical Ways to Spend the Time During Random Video Chats

You can do all kinds of fun stuff on random chats. Play an instrument, talk about what’s on your mind, or exchange your best jokes. One of the strengths of random chat sites such as Chatrandom is that with the right partner, you can do almost anything that’s compatible with webcam chatting.

However, with so much freedom, it can be hard to actually think of something specific that will 1) fill up an entire chat, and 2) be enjoyable for both you and your chat partner.  

If this sounds like a familiar predicament, consider your problems solved – at least temporarily. The ideas below should be plenty to get you started, and once you’ve covered the suggestions that sound interesting, you may have even thought of a few more to try out. 

1. Bring in your pets 

Whether you’re just starting a chat, or you’re experiencing a lull in the conversation, adding a pet to the mix is sure to bring some pep to the interaction. You know how they say that music is the universal language? People’s love for animals is nearly as universal, and usually even more enthusiastic.

If it happens that you’re chatting with someone who also owns a pet or two, maybe they can bring them into the chat as well. You can swap anecdotes about how much they love (or hate) bath time, their funny little mannerisms when they get tired, and how funny they look when they play with their favorite toy.   

2. Find a practice partner for a new language 

Most people focus on the number of users that you can find on most random chat sites; what isn’t talked about quite as much is how many countries they’re from. Whether you can find people from a couple dozen countries or closer to 100, random chat sites can be an invaluable resource for anyone who’s learning a second language. Nothing can beat real-life practice, and if you can talk with a native speaker, it’s even better.  

It can even be fun if you aren’t trying to pick up another language. Instead of focusing on general vocabulary and pronunciation, trade your favorite sayings and slang words. You’ll be enhancing your linguistic abilities and having fun at the same time! 

3. Improve your storytelling skills 

A common suggestion for random chats is to “talk about what’s been going on lately”. What if you don’t feel like talking about the ins and outs of your daily life? Make something up that you do want to talk about!

Tell the thrilling story of how you hitch-hiked to Napa Valley, and conned your way into a job at a winery by pretending to be a sommelier – everyone was so impressed that you could taste a hint of burnt feathers in the estate Syrah.  

You could even try a more serious angle, especially if you happened to be developing a story already. It can be tough to share artistic endeavors, especially with people you’re close to, but if you’re telling a stranger online about it, you don’t have to worry so much about them disliking it. Plus, the feedback you get may even be a little more honest.  

4. Learn a new skill 

You’ve been ignoring that clogged drain for long enough – it’s definitely time to do something about it. Do you resort to instructional articles from DIY websites, or could you find a real person who can talk you through it on a random chat?

Both would probably do the trick, but if you learned about it while talking face-to-face with someone else, you could ask questions, tell them about any peculiarities, and probably get some personal troubleshooting tips as well. This goes for just about any skill, so if there’s something you’ve been meaning to learn, don’t be shy about asking your chat partners! 

5. Host a karaoke competition 

Move over, America’s Got Talent – there’s a new show in town! It doesn’t matter how good you actually are at singing, and besides, you and your chat partners will probably be better than most talent show contestants anyway. You could each pick your own songs, or take turns picking them for each other.  

If you don’t feel like taking it seriously, then don’t – pretend you’re Kermit the Frog and destroy every pop song you ever loved. Sing a tender love song as Kim Kardashian. The goal here isn’t to hit all the notes, it’s to laugh together, so feel free to improvise! 

6. Work on projects together 

Wait a minute, aren’t random video chats supposed to be fun? Yes, usually, but they’re also versatile. If you have some project that you’ve been procrastinating on forever, maybe you could find a chat partner who’s fine with just hanging out while you work.

Ask someone to sporadically chat with while you organize a messy closet. That stuff from the attic that you’ve been meaning to sort through in case there’s something worth donating? A chat partner can keep you company, and even offer some input if you aren’t sure about those 90’s curtains.  

7. Swap family recipes 

When you think back on your fondest memories of family gatherings, birthday parties, or holidays, what sticks out? Unless you have an exceptionally funny uncle or two, you probably remember the staggering quantities of excellent food.

Even if certain gatherings are a bit strained for whatever reason, everyone still feels a sense of solidarity as they gather around a table to share their favorite dishes. 

Whether it’s your aunt’s black forest cake, your great-uncle’s BBQ chicken, or your friend’s blondie bars, the recipe is probably worth sharing with a chat partner. And who knows – maybe the recipe they share in return will become a new all-time favorite! 

Which one will you try first? 

Even if you don’t have a pet, or your neighbors would be annoyed by a Muppets karaoke session, you can still adapt most of these suggestions to your own preferences. Once that’s done, all you have to do is start chatting and see how they go over!   

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