Benefits of having a Product Design Tool

Product Design Tool

Gone are the days when customers used to buy whatever is available. Today, they want things to be done in their way. 

Companies are welcoming the involvement of customers in customizing their product as they want which has opened doors to certain product design tools using which, any non-tech-savvy user can design their own product easily.

Since personalization is on the next level now, a lot of print companies are now offering customers the freedom to personalize their products using an online product design software implemented onto their site. 

With everything possible today at our fingertips, web-to-print software has made it possible for customers to create a design, edit and even order, all by themselves which is in a way generating sales for the company.

While amidst this, a debate on whether there is really a need for product design tool is still going on, here are few points which will help you make a decision. 

Benefits of having a product design tool

  • Adds value to the product by attracting customers
  • Increases customer interaction and loyalty
  • Multiplies the sales of products or services
  • Improves market position
  • Reduce customer complaints
  • Build a stronger identity for your business and make you stand out
  • Reduce time to market for new products and services

There also comes a time when you, as a company, must represent yourself in a better way. And if you have your products customized, distribute t-shirts, all reflecting your brand identity within your staff, achieving the first impression before your clients won’t be difficult at all then.

Even at festivals or during any other occasions when you want to gift your staff personalized things of them and their family, an online product designer tool will help you make your employees more than happy there. So, how to work with it then?

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Must-have features of a product design tool

  • A user-friendly design tool interface that allows product personalization like adding text, images, clipart, QR codes, and shapes, editing to even configuring them.
  • Live pricing calculation based on the printing method
  • Live preview of the product with artwork in 2D or 3D with 360 degrees rotating-view of the finished product as well as downloading option along with the watermark.
  • Variable Data Printing feature with the file import option
  • Useful tools and layer panel
  • Save and sharing options
  • Generates print-ready output files
  • Pre-loaded clipart, fonts, and design templates.
  • Compatibility with all browsers, devices, and platforms with responsive layout
  • Supports image upload of all formats
  • Localization in any language and currency


To meet up with the competition in the product design market, a lot of tools are now available in the market which may not give all that it promises or all that you need in one.

Therefore, investing in one is better than spending on many. Since designs have a life cycle, allowing customers to play with it and personalize it, is the best way to develop successful products, services, and businesses.

With HTML5 Online Product Designer Tool, the convenience, cost, technology quality, style/fashion of designing a product, are all covered in one. Now you know, why working with a product customization software seems to be a good idea.

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