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Promodag Reports for Office 365 and On-Premise Exchange

Promodag Reports for Office 365

Whether you need to review your migration to Exchange Online, take inventory of existing recipients, respond to clients’ inquiries or keep track of your email. Promodag is a single platform for analyzing your Exchange environment and generates reports fast and efficiently.

The reporting tool is also capable of generating tracking logs on its own from Office 365.

Promodag Reports allows you to regain control over your Exchange messaging system, analyze email traffic, scan the content of mailboxes while minimizing the cost of using email.

What Reports can you get with Promodag?

Promodag provides a variety of versatile reports that can be customized and then exported to various output destinations. Including network share, email recipients, and SharePoint – as well as different file formats, e.g. PDF, CSV, XLSX, RTF or HTM.

In addition, Promodag Reports can create Office 365 tracking logs locally, allowing you to keep them for an unlimited period of time, and import the size of mailboxes and public folders on a regular basis. Thus making it possible to produce graphs showing their variation over time.

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Featured Reports in Promodag:

  1. Mailbox traffic reports, to accurately count, filter, group and aggregate the thousands of emails sent and received across your messaging system – whether you use On-Premises Exchange or Office 365.
  2. Mailbox Content reports, to scan the content of mailboxes in On-Premises Exchange or Office 365, break down Outlook items by size or by age, count attachments in user mailboxes, calculate the response time or measure the occupancy rate of Meeting Rooms.
  3. Traffic Statistics reports, to generate simple logical graphs that show the distribution of messages by size, hour, or day of the week – which can reveal particularly useful when it comes to performing end-user behaviour analytics.
  4. Storage reports, to highlight the top 10 largest mailboxes, the fluctuation in mailbox sizes or the growth of Exchange database size.
  5. Organization Overview reports, to extract detailed lists of mail-enabled users with their attributes, detect empty and unused distribution groups or obsolete mail contacts.
  6. Internal Message Delivery reports, to measure precisely the Quality of Service being delivered to end-users in On-Premises Exchange and ensure that you meet your Service Level Agreements.
  7. Billing reports, to invoice different companies or departments in your organization based on the number of emails sent, emails received, or the size of their mailboxes, or both.

Why Use Promodag Reports?

If you are tired of developing and maintaining complicated PowerShell scripts to report on your messaging system, then Promodag Reports is made for you.

Their advanced reporting tool for Exchange and Office 365 produces accurate and attractive reports for businesses of all sizes. Just go for it! Plus, you can download a fully functional version for free for 45-days. Their support team is available to help you get started and answer any question you would have on their product.

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